Broken ‘ME’

Personal Matters During a discipleship network meeting last night each person in the group shared about the sort of people they saw who were responding to the gospel. These included the homeless, the awkward and isolated, Christians convicted of their … Continue reading

Beautiful ‘ME’

Personal Matters I was rather embarrassed recently when I heard a second hand description of myself as a “beautiful man”. Given however the comment came from someone who is familiar with my weaknesses, and concerned my weekly visits to a … Continue reading

Simply ‘ME’

Personal Matters A short while ago I was feeling generally disconnected or “out of sorts” and knew there was a root cause that God would want to deal with. I gradually realised that I was going through a wide-ranging predicament … Continue reading

Still ‘ME’

Still ‘ME’ [1] Personal Matters I find it difficult to consistently live out the promise, ““In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”” (Isa 30:15). After an extended period of restfulness … Continue reading

Jealous ‘ME’

Personal Matters As a young Christian I had strong inner convictions about who God had called ‘ME’ to be and what the Lord was meant to be doing in my life. When circumstances went against these expectations deeply revealing feelings … Continue reading

Holy Saturday

Personal Matters As children we wait with expectancy for birthday gifts and the presents around the Christmas tree to be unwrapped. Similarly as children of God we have all received many promises of gifts from our heavenly Father. These might … Continue reading


Personal Background Although this subject that has been on my mind for several months I have felt a type of spiritual paralysis recently which has kept me from writing on it. This morning however I sensed the Lord clarify some … Continue reading