Linda Brown poetry

Linda Brown writes an occasional blog entry, and you’ll find links there to her music and more.

This poetry page has a collection of some of her poems, presented as…


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When you’re tired and weary, and you don’t know where to turn,
When your heart has been broken, and your life is upside down,
When the hopes and plans and dreams you’ve had have all faded into dust,
Then who’s the only one that you can trust?

Run to Me when you’re lonely, Run to Me when you’re down,
Run to Me find the comfort and the shelter from the storm,
Where no enemy can touch you and the enemy must flee,
Come to Me and find the Peace that is real.

It’s in My arms of Love that you can hide from trials, tests and storms,
It’s in My arms of tenderness that your problems are all gone,
It’s in My arms of life and love that you will really know,
That I’m the One who really cares for you.

When the world seems dark and cruel, and people don’t seem to care,
Run to Me My people, You’ll find that I am there,
When the trials, tests and suffering just seem too much to bear,
Then run to Me your Saviour, I’ll always be there.

It’s in the times of tests and trials when you’re feeling so alone,
That you need to run to find My comfort at My throne,
It’s in the times of tests and trials that I’m refining you as gold,
In the winepress of suffering My true Sons are formed.

It’s in the times of desperation and times when people don’t care,
When you feel so rejected, that you turn, and I’ll be there,
For I’m the God of all things, who knows your every need,
When I look at you My people, My heart begins to bleed,
Because you look to man for comfort, you look to man for praise,
You look to one another to feel My Love and Praise,
But the place that you only will find these things is only in My arms,
I’m the God of Love and Comfort, run to Me, I’ll be your balm.
When your wounded heart, pride and hurt need binding up with Love,
Then come to Me, I’ll heal you with My Comfort and My Love.

When I show you things that need to die in you,
I’m the One who’ll truly see you through.
For it’s only in My Presence that these things can be done,
So come into my Chambers, I’ll make you like My Son,
Don’t despise the tests, trials and obstacles you face,
It’s only in the times of pain that you can truly seek My face,
So draw to me now, Feel My Love and Grace.

©2014  L Brown



Love is patient, Love is kind, Love never envies, nor seems to mind the things that would come to make us feel down.
Love is happy, Love is sad; Love is laughter, Love is glad to rejoice in things that are right and true, Love came to earth for me and you.

Love is forever patient and long, suffers no envy, Holds on to no wrong,
Love teaches me to be strong, The Love of The Lord in me.
Love is strengthened by the Lord, Strengthened by His Power and Word,
Sent down from Heaven with His Perfect Love, Love cares for you and me.
Love is not jealous and hates sinful pride, It’s always displayed, it’s not meant to hide,  Love is Jesus Personified,  Love died for you and me.

Love came down in the form of a man, Sent down from heaven to fulfil God’s plan,
Love hung on a cross and He bled and he died,
Heaven rejoiced and the grave was denied

Love came down to set us free,  Love came down for liberty,
Love rose from the dead and conquered all Hell; Love came into our hearts to forever dwell.

Love paid the price for death and sin,  Love paid the price to rise again,
Love paid the price so we’d be Born Again  – Reconciled to God.

The cost of Love was paid for us, when our Saviour died upon a cross,
Our price for Love was paid that day, Jesus Christ has paved the way,
That we may walk on Earth in Love, Sent down from heaven,
From The Father above.

©2014  L Brown



Waiting for the winds of worship to wrap around the Nations
Waiting for the Winds to blow to bring the changes in
Waiting for the Heart of God for His heart for the Nations
Waiting for the sound of Heaven in my heart.

Listening for the heartbeat of the Father for the Nations,
Listening to the groaning of creation which is waiting for unveiling
Revealing the Sons of God upon the Earth

Watching for the movement of the wind in the treetops
Listening for the rustling sound as it moves upon the Earth
Eyes upturned to heaven for instruction and the timing
Waiting for revival to be birthed

Longing for the sight and sound of miracles in the Nations
Hearts that once were broken now being tenderly restored
Families being mended, eyes and ears being opened
Hearing sounds of heaven through the song

Limbs that once were crushed, now growing back to fullness
Sickness and diseases totally banished by the sound
Winds of worship blowing bringing Healing to the Nations
What a wonderfully uplifting Holy Sound.

Hear my prayer Lord as I wait upon Instruction,
Listening and waiting for You to give the sign
To release the winds of worship through the nations and creation
Waiting for the day appointed before time

Let us not grow weary in our waiting and well doing
Let us not grow weary as we Worship You alone
Let us not be hopeless in our own situations
Let us know the Hope that is in You Alone

Release the songs from Heaven as we wait upon You Father
Songs that lift Jesus High above the Earth
Holy Spirit stir us as we wait for the instruction
Let us know and see Revival as it’s birthed.

©2014  L Brown



Within these prison walls there’s heartache and shame, and loneliness beyond description, a feeling of rejection from the world and pain that hides inside. There’s separation from loved ones, and a longing that won’t hide to escape and be free once again, but the laws of the land are in place and there’s nothing you can do but “your time.”

There are doors that shut and open, and restrictions to most things, keys that jangle, doors that slam and bars that keep you in. There’s a feeling of anger and heartache at the life that’s passing by, all you really want to do is to break down and cry. But to cry it seems too “sissy” and the anger and the shame hide behind the man made walls ,with the sorrow and the pain.
Regrets from the past they haunt you, memories they come and go, the days just seem to be so long, and time goes by real slow. The calendar on the wall is a reminder of the days gone by, they are marked and crossed and counted until your time goes by.

There is a hope inside these walls; it’s nothing you can “see.” There’s hope my friend in Jesus, He’s the One who’ll set you free. Even in your bondage, even in your sin, even in the darkest hour, His light will shine within. He is the Way, The Truth, The Life, that no one can deny, He is the King and Lord of Lords who comes from way up High. He holds the keys to death and Hell, the grave He overcome, He rose again he paid the price that we could live as one.We meet with Him in Spirit, we meet with Him in Truth, We rise with Him on Eagles wings as he renews our youth. He takes our every burden, He breaks down every wall,, that man has built, that shame has filled, he is The Lord of all.

The way to Him is simple; it starts within your heart. A simple “Yes” to Jesus, a whole new life will start, A life that’s free from bondage, a life that’s free from sin, Jesus holds the keys to life, so you can begin again. That you may walk in His ways, and think His every thought, that you may know the preciousness of what His blood has bought. The price he paid was heavy, the penalty was death, but He rose again and claimed the victory from death.

Give your heart to Jesus, Let Him come right in, Let this be a day of new beginnings, Let His light shine in, to Light the Way upon your path that leads to Peace and Love, That you may find the comfort of The Father up above. Ask of Him this day, I pray, ask Him to fill your heart, ask Him for forgiveness, a whole new life will start.

He is the Way the Truth The Life, no man can this deny, King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
His Name We’ll glorify.

©2014  L Brown



As Christians death has lost its sting, As we soar to the Heavens on angels’ wings
When our spirit departs Earth to be in Heaven forever with The Lord.

The price for death was paid you see, When our Saviour was hung upon a tree,
With nails through His hands and thorns on His head,
The place where He died and was pierced and bled.
The Lamb of God our Saviour was dead!

The Heavens shook, the veil was rend, As to Hell He did descend,
To overcome the powers of Hell, To give us Life forevermore.

They laid Him in a borrowed tomb where no man had lain before,
rolled a stone across the door, and left Him for dead within those walls,
wrapped in his burial clothes.

On the third day they went to find The Lord, but He wasn’t there!
He’d risen from the dead; He’d paid the price, the promise of Eternal Life,
That we could rejoice in death, and even sing with joy and gladness,
That death has lost its sting!

So even though on Earth we die, we must rejoice and Glorify
The Lamb of God who died for us,
Who paid the price upon the cross,
That we may soar on angels’ wings, toward the Heavens to be with our King,
The Lamb of God who died that day, upon the cross – at Cavalry.

©2014  L Brown


HEAR THE SOUND – (The Breaker is Here!)

When you hear the sound of marchin’, Marchin’ in the trees,
When you hear the wind a’ blowin’ Blowin’ a strong breeze,
God has gone before you, He has broken through!
You will have the vict’ry; You will know it’s true.

When you hear the sound of trumpets, Blowin’ with God’s Power,
The walls, they’re comin’ down now, Like Jericho’s in this hour!
No mountain is too big now, No problem is too hard,
He’s the God of the Breakthrough,
He’s marching through this land!

His Banner goes before Him, His standard is so high,
His banner is His righteousness, His banner’ s you and I.
He is The Lord The Breaker, He is The God Most High,
Jesus is His Name now, He’s calling you and I.

David slew Goliath, By instruction from The Lord,
Joshua pulled the walls down, As they marched in one accord.
God is moving mountains, He’s using His great sword,
Bringing Breakthrough in your life now!
Breakthrough is the Word!

Lift your eyes to heaven, Surrender to His will,
The Lord – He is The Breaker!
He does not stand still! Can you hear it coming? Can you hear the roar?
He’s bringing you revival, He’s knocking at your door!

Give Him all your pain now, Give Him all the shame,
Lay it at the cross now, You’ll never be the same
Can you feel it comin?  Can you hear it now?
Marching in the treetops, Marching in His Power.
He has gifts from heav’n to give you,
He has things for you to do,
He is gently calling; He’s calling for you.
The Lord!  He is The Breaker!
The Lord!  He is our God!
He’s marching through this land now,
He’s marching with His sword!
He’s raising up an army, Who’ll sound the battle cry!
He’s calling for His children, He’s calling you and I.
To raise His standard Higher,  To listen to His cry,
The Lord – He is the Breaker! The Lord!  He’s Truth and life!

He has gone before you,
He’s marchin’ through the trees!
He’s blowin’ by His Spirit,
He’s blowin’ for you and me,
He has sounded forth the trumpet,
That brings the victory,
The Lord!  He is The Breaker!
The Lord he is here! The Lord He is here! The Lord he is here!

©2014  L Brown



Let The Lord in to pierce the darkness, Let Hs Word penetrate the places within, whee the light’s never been. When The Lord sets us free from the grip of the devil, He takes all the shame condemnation and hurt, that we’ve carried around inside, that we’ve tried to hide.  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed! We’ll never return to the pain of the past, We’re free at last!

Shake off the burdens, break off the shackles, snap all the chains of the bondages we’ve been trapped in – Generational sin!
Renounce every curse that’s ever been spoken, Rejoice now the chains of the past have been broken, we’re cleansed from the sin, Paid by the blood of the lamb on the cross, Our key to life was won by His loss, On that day – On Cavalry.

Break down the walls of rejection and falseness, Let the Word pierce to the depths of our soul, Give The Lord every burden and secret, Let all the guilt and shame go from within, Be cleansed from the sin.
Speak to the mountains of pain and of sadness; Tell them to go in the name of The Lord, Speak from The Word with the Dunamis Power, Rejoice in the name of The Lord!

Hold up your plans for your life and surrender, every man made idea and plan, Rejoice and proclaim that your path is pre-destined, Cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.
Cast every care and every burden, give the Lord your heaviest load, Dance and rejoice now the past is behind you, Rejoice that The Lord has planned your road.

Sing with the angels in true adoration, Lift up your voice in triumphant joy, Let the Lord inhabit your praises, and Lift up The Name of The Lord.

©2014  L Brown


If you have ever walked along the beach reflecting on life, then this poem is for you…


As the fiery sun is setting, And the clouds blaze with fire, As the waters on the shore ebb and flow, Time comes for reflection, on what could have been, As you linger on the beach of life’s lonely shore.

Thoughts and memories of time gone by, Flit through your mind, like sands of time, As you watch the waves pound on the rocks…. It seems as though the clock has stopped!

“Time”… you say, “has come and gone, What have I done? Where have I gone?  Has my life been one giant blot? What am I leaving?  What have I got?”

You hear the sound of the waters deep; It’s calling you to come out of your sleep, To seek your destiny in The Lord, The One who formed you, The One True God.

He formed you and made you way before time; He brought you through the sands of time, To this point where you’ve said “Is life worth living?’ Have I anything left?  I’m sick of striving, All of my time and my talent and worth, To a causeless cause, and worthless worth,  There surely has to be more to life, I don’t want any more heartache, and no more strife.”

You hear the sound beyond the shore, The call of one, who calls you forth,
The Son of Man, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the One True God,
Who shed His blood and died for you, He is the Way of Life for you.
He rose again, He paid the price, that you may have eternal life.

“But how will I know?  How can it be real? This love so rich so rare I feel,
Nothing I have felt like this before, Before I came to this water’s shore,
I can feel my hope begin to soar, as I give my heart on that lonely shore.

My search for life and Truth is past, as I say, “I believe, I give you my heart.”
My life in Him is now waiting for me; As God has come to set me free,
From the striving and pain and the causeless cause,
He came to bring me life, hope, and worth.
The clock has begun to tick again, as I walk with Jesus….  My new friend.

So if you’re waiting upon the shore, Looking for answers, searching for more,
Ask Jesus in to your heart right now, He is the answer, He’ll show you how,
To live and not die, To be all that you can,
Remember my friend; this is God’s plan, That was written before you stepped on the shore, When you started to seek, and said, “There has to be more!”

Enjoy your new life, It’s just begun; Enjoy your reflection on the setting sun.
The shore of life is not lonely now, it’s full of love and life and Power,
As you seek to live in the Kingdom of God, You’ll find hope and rest in The One you love.
You’ll never return to that lonely shore, He came to give you New Life and More,
Enjoy your life; fill it to the brim, With Jesus….. your one and only True friend.

©2014  L Brown