Donna Yates poetry

Grace and Freedom – a journey (anthology)

Donna Yates – Grace and Freedom – a journey
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My Lord

My Lord to me is a

Bunch of French Lavender

-  Soft.   Fresh.

I bury my face

and breathe Him in….

Rest and Peace.

He is more


My Lord to me is a bud.

A rose just halfly sprung

Perfect in shape.

Rich colour.

A Spiral with green uprightness.

He never loses his petals

and His shape is eternal.


My Lord to me is a crystal

Perfect cut –

Hanging in the Son.

Wind blows; colours dance.

Aspects of His character

His love


Crystal edges – the hard times.

: Cut : to reflect

Whats within


The wind blows and blows.

Colours dance and dance –

with energy.


Dance on with me Lord! – Cutter of my stone.