Over the years of teaching theology I developed course notes for my students. These notes would be long and difficult to follow as posts. They contain a great deal of content, and a large number of Bible references They are offered here in an unedited form as PDF files.
Depending on your browser settings, you may be able to view them direct, or download them to your local storage and read them with Adobe Reader.

Anointing Spirit
This short lecture seeks to examine some of the issues concerning what charismatic Christians call “the anointing”.
Anthropological Foundations
An attempt to summarise some important features of theological anthropology. Written for a counselling course.
Anthropologies, counselling
An attempt to summarise some secular anthropologies. Written for a counselling course.
An indepth examination of issues to do with the person and work of Christ.
Church and ministry
A comprehensive set of lectures covering the topics of church, ministry and sacraments.
Church, Ministry, Mission
Lectures on church and ministry with a mission focus.
Church renewal
A consideration of the prospects of the renewal of the church today in the light of some current trends.
Comparative Theology
These lecture notes cover the history of theology from the Protestant Reformation to the present day. Prior study assumed.
These notes deal with the theology of conscience, plus the problem of anger.
Examines our dignity through the lens of participation in the glory of Christ.
Covers the issues of church discipline and acceptance.
Doctrine Summary
A basic course summarising the entire field of theology. Assumes no prior study.
Doctrine Survey
A basic course summarising the entire field of theology. Assumes no prior study.
Election, communal
The doctrine of election with particular focus on God’s grace on the community of Israel and the Church.
The “last things” e.g. death, resurrection, judgement, heaven and hell. Takes a Christ-centred view that deviates from popular approaches.
Eternal wrath
A brief discussion on whether God remains anger remains after the Last Judgement.
Father, Spirit
Outlays a range of scriptures linking the Father to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Going Out Connects Trinity, Incarnation, Church and mission according to the dynamic of God’s own life.
Holy Spirit
A comprehensive lecture series on the person and work of God’s Spirit.
Holy Spirit. summary
Focuses on some key topics in relation to the identity and ministry of the Spirit e.g. healing.
Image, Jesus
Christ as the perfect human being, with some implications for Christian counselling.
Image of God
Brief notes on the image of God.
Image of God, counselling
In-depth discussion about the nature of the divine image in humanity.
Images and Intimacy
Seeks to explore our experience of being fathered with our heart image of God as Father.
Introduction to Christian Belief
A survey of the range of foundational Christian doctrines.
Introduction to Theology
A discussion of the nature and history of theology with particular attention to some important topics of belief.
Kingdom of God – clouds
Explores what Jesus meant when he said he would be seen and would return with “the clouds of heaven”.
Kingdom of God Millennium
The history of millennial thought.
A popular level discussion of the nature and significance of love, God’s and ours.
Dealing with temptation and criticism in the light of our identity in Christ.
Ministry gifts
An extensive discussion of the range of gifts and ministries Christ gives to his Church.
Ministry Women
A paper that argues theologically for the equality of women in ministry.
New Creation
Defines the nature of the new creation as sharing in the transformation of Jesus’ humanity.
History of Pastoral Care
A brief outline of forms of pastoral across Church history.
A brief discussion as to whether a believer can lose their salvation.
Discusses the nature and importance of prayer and fasting.
Renewal, Word and Spirit
An in-depth course looking at the relationship between the Word of God and the Spirit of God in Trinity, Incarnation, Church, mission, sacraments, revival etc.
Reflects on the nature and practical importance of repentance in the Christian life.
Repentance article
Reflects on the nature and practical importance of repentance in the Christian life.
A set of lectures covering the central issues to do with salvation.
Reflections on the nature and growth of Christian spirituality and spiritual direction.
Spiritual Warfare
The nature of evil powers, their defeat by Christ and our ongoing struggle against them.
Worldview, counselling
What is a “worldview”, is there a distinct Christian “worldview” etc.