Index of articles in alphabetical order by title

God’s ‘steadfast love’12-10-2017Keith Truscott
“…God is for us…”2-03-2016Keith Truscott
“God with us”1-06-2016Keith Truscott
“Hear…”2-10-2017Keith Truscott
“In Jesus’ ‘Name’”17-10-2017Keith Truscott
“Light” to our soul11-02-2018Keith Truscott
“Rejoice”, be glad4-07-2017Keith Truscott
“Walk by faith”6-06-2016Keith Truscott
‘…Been healed’21-10-2017Keith Truscott
‘…His friend’7-02-2017Keith Truscott
‘A cheeful giver’21-11-2016Keith Truscott
‘A helpmeet’17-02-2017Keith Truscott
‘A new thing’1-01-2018Keith Truscott
‘A sea change’11-04-2016Keith Truscott
‘A soft answer’20-10-2017Keith Truscott
‘At my right hand10-10-2016Keith Truscott
‘Be still’1-02-2018Keith Truscott
‘Bear much fruit’7-01-2017Keith Truscott
‘Beyond rubies’30-12-2017Keith Truscott
‘Blessed’ and happy19-01-2018Keith Truscott
‘Blessing’ or ‘curse’16-10-2017Keith Truscott
‘Breath of fresh air’18-10-2017Keith Truscott
‘Bringing them home’4-04-2016Keith Truscott
‘Build and plant’14-11-2016Keith Truscott
‘Christmas cheer’7-02-2016Keith Truscott
‘Close the gap’15-02-2017Keith Truscott
‘Died in our place’12-04-2017Keith Truscott
‘Elders of old’11-05-2017Keith Truscott
‘Eternal life train’28-01-2017Keith Truscott
‘Eternal LIfe’14-10-2016Keith Truscott
‘Fess up now27-11-2016Keith Truscott
‘Finish the race’6-11-2016Keith Truscott
‘Firstfruits’ endure16-12-2017Keith Truscott
‘Full tithe’21-01-2018Keith Truscott
‘God of hope’11-02-2017Keith Truscott
‘God with us’ still29-12-2017Keith Truscott
‘Good enough’ God6-10-2016Keith Truscott
‘Good enough’ God29-01-2017Keith Truscott
‘Good fight…’27-10-2017Keith Truscott
‘Good gifts’23-01-2017Keith Truscott
‘Good news’ train14-07-2016Keith Truscott
‘Good things’24-01-2017Keith Truscott
‘Goodness, gracious’2-07-2016Keith Truscott
‘Greater love’ returns7-09-2016Keith Truscott
‘Hold onto holy…’9-12-2016Keith Truscott
‘Hold the fort’21-10-2016Keith Truscott
‘Hold your ground’30-12-2016Keith Truscott
‘Home sweet home’3-10-2016Keith Truscott
‘Hostile natives’28-01-2016Keith Truscott
‘I am the Light’20-05-2017Keith Truscott
‘Immanuel’23-12-2017Keith Truscott
‘In God we trust’22-01-2018Keith Truscott
‘In me’ peace27-10-2016Keith Truscott
‘in New Year’1-01-2017Keith Truscott
‘Jesus is Lord’1-10-2017Keith Truscott
‘Learn up God’s Word…’25-11-2016Keith Truscott
‘Let’s do great things…”12-12-2016Keith Truscott
‘Life’s not fair’24-09-2017Keith Truscott
‘Living hope’21-09-2017Keith Truscott
‘Lord is good’23-11-2017Keith Truscott
‘Lord is my banner’28-09-2017Keith Truscott
‘Lord Jesus why?’3-11-2016Keith Truscott
‘Milk and honey’13-08-2016Keith Truscott
‘Mission impossible’6-03-2016Keith Truscott
‘My cup runs over’29-12-2016Keith Truscott
‘My work of art’29-11-2016Keith Truscott
‘New’ Red Sea love5-07-2016Keith Truscott
‘No more mishap’7-04-2017Keith Truscott
‘No other name’21-03-2017Keith Truscott
‘Our great High Priest’28-12-2017Keith Truscott
‘Perfect love’22-12-2016Keith Truscott
‘Promised Land’19-02-2017Keith Truscott
‘Right hand Man’6-09-2016Keith Truscott
‘Right round the clock’16-10-2016Keith Truscott
‘Saul’ can come ‘Paul’4-04-2017Keith Truscott
‘Simply the best…’18-02-2016Keith Truscott
‘Sow’ to the ‘Spirit’14-11-2017Keith Truscott
‘Speed checks’15-02-2016Keith Truscott
‘Steal away to Jesus…”13-03-2016Keith Truscott
‘Strong and smart’20-01-2017Keith Truscott
‘Talkin’ to country’28-06-2016Keith Truscott
‘The coming of the Light’22-12-2017Keith Truscott
‘The new has come’31-12-2017Keith Truscott
‘Thirst…come…drink’15-10-2016Keith Truscott
‘Trade silver’26-12-2016Keith Truscott
‘Trust and obey’17-05-2017Keith Truscott
‘Twenty-four seven’26-02-2017Keith Truscott
‘We know…’14-12-2016Keith Truscott
‘Wonderful things’21-11-2017Keith Truscott
‘Work in progress’26-10-2017Keith Truscott
2010, A Pipeline of Glory28-12-2009John Yates
2012, The Year of Persecution19-01-2012John Yates
2015 Reversal and Refuge31-12-2014John Yates
A “safe place” for all times25-02-2016Keith Truscott
A ‘crazy’ treasure10-02-2016Keith Truscott
A ‘fair go’8-03-2016Keith Truscott
A ‘no-where man’27-06-2016Keith Truscott
A ‘whole heart’ submission20-02-2016Keith Truscott
A better hope13-08-2017Keith Truscott
A better way12-07-2016Keith Truscott
A Brief Theology of Personhood15-10-2007John Yates
A bright future14-09-2016Keith Truscott
A cage-bird set free19-11-2016Keith Truscott
A Call to Authority27-07-2006John Yates
A change of masters18-04-2017Keith Truscott
A City for God to Live In25-02-2008John Yates
A City without Walls14-12-2016Jenny Cox
A conscience cleansed10-07-2016Keith Truscott
A Door Open In Heaven23-09-2014John Yates
A grand Gift16-07-2016Keith Truscott
A hero of faith11-12-2016Keith Truscott
A home in heaven29-07-2017Keith Truscott
A lamp and light22-10-2017Keith Truscott
A light on a hill30-04-2016Keith Truscott
A Little Meditation on Hoarding and Jesus9-01-2016Jenny Cox
A little theology of prayer and the ‘end’ of the world2-02-2015Jenny Cox
A Low-Carb Spiritual Diet19-03-2017Jenny Cox
A Man and His God24-05-2017John Yates
A Meditation on Schoolies29-11-2013Jenny Cox
A Meditation on the Sabbath and its Fulfilment in Christ3-09-2014Jenny Cox
A New Vision of the Father26-01-2007John Yates
A Place for God3-09-2010John Yates
A Place For You29-10-2013John Yates
A Prophetic Picture for Perth30-07-2009John Yates
A sacred place27-09-2016Keith Truscott
A sacred place21-05-2017Keith Truscott
A Safe house21-01-2016Keith Truscott
A Sermon about ‘Nothing’15-03-2017Jenny Cox
A Shepherd’s Code of Practice5-03-2009Richard Foster
A Short Confession17-12-2013Jenny Cox
A short word about the Paris terror attacks22-11-2015Jenny Cox
A Song of Protest11-01-2018John Yates
A strong tower25-06-2016Keith Truscott
A Total Jesus Ministry2-02-2006John Yates
A Vision for Australia2-06-2012John Yates
A Word for Australia23-10-2011John Yates
A Word on Baptism23-05-2016Serge Beugels
A.C.T.S.16-09-2016Keith Truscott
Abomination, Desolation and Deliverance 118-10-2006John Yates
Abomination, Desolation and Deliverance
2. The return of glory
25-10-2006John Yates
Adults, Fathers and Children26-10-2006John Yates
Africa Insights
1. Is the cross enough?
7-12-2012John Yates
Africa Insights
2. O righteous Father
13-12-2012John Yates
Africa Insights
3. The gift of suffering
20-12-2012John Yates
Africa Insights
4. Orphan
28-12-2012John Yates
Africa Insights
5. Masculine mystique
31-12-2012John Yates
Africa Insights
6. The root of revival
3-01-2013John Yates
Against the tide21-01-2016Keith Truscott
Alarm Alarm Evil Evil11-09-2014John Yates
All Authority10-06-2009John Yates
All best laid plans26-09-2017Keith Truscott
All four walls15-07-2017Keith Truscott
All God’s armour13-03-2017Keith Truscott
All God’s glory12-11-2017Keith Truscott
All that’s right10-06-2016Keith Truscott
Always forever3-03-2016Keith Truscott
Amazed24-12-2017Keith Truscott
Amazing Grace30-01-2016Keith Truscott
An “eye” for justice and truth7-12-2017Keith Truscott
An Inclusive Theology For Christian Ministry13-05-2007John Yates
An Opportunity Not To Be Missed27-10-2005John Yates
Anatomy of Revival
1. General introduction
16-06-2009John Yates
Anatomy of Revival
2. The story is love
22-06-2009John Yates
Anatomy of Revival
3. Hearing the Word of God
6-07-2009John Yates
Andrew Chan and The Meaning of Life1-05-2015John Yates
Angels of Heaven17-04-2016John Yates
Angels, Aborigines, Australians and the Hope of All Nations
1. The angels are with us
12-06-2010John Yates
Angels, Aborigines, Australians and the Hope of All Nations
2. The Aboriginal peoples – a key to the inside
21-06-2010John Yates
Angels, Aborigines, Australians and the Hope of All Nations
3. Hope for the nations
29-06-2010John Yates
Anger and compassion
Images of a Father / father
27-04-2011John Yates
Angry Spirits13-11-2016John Yates
Answered prayer30-01-2017Keith Truscott
Antioch City Foundation26-10-2012John Yates
Antioch How?18-11-2012John Yates
Apathetic23-10-2013John Yates
Apocalypse in You 29-01-2017John Yates
Apostolic Light to the Nations29-08-2006John Yates
Apostolic Suffering and Glory9-07-2006John Yates
Apostolic Truth11-10-2016John Yates
Ascended above His Enemies29-05-2017John Yates
Ask the Way28-09-2016Keith Truscott
At every turn22-09-2017Keith Truscott
Attack on marriage6-10-2013Jenny Cox
Attractive12-12-2013John Yates
Australian Christian Lobby
Wisdom and Warfare
5-02-2008John Yates
Australia’s Zeal25-01-2015John Yates
Authority28-02-2013John Yates
Authority1-02-2015John Yates
Back from the brink16-05-2016Keith Truscott
Bad Person26-05-2016John Yates
Baptism in Spirit and Fire Part 3 – Tongues of Fire11-06-2017Jenny Cox
Baptism vs ‘Christmas’18-12-2017John Yates
Barbecues for the World
Perth as an end time city of refuge
25-11-2005John Yates
Be Angry like your Father28-06-2017John Yates
Be Aware – Hypocritical Religion5-04-2003John Yates
Be God’s friend9-11-2017Keith Truscott
Be gracious8-11-2017Keith Truscott
Be joyful4-11-2017Keith Truscott
Bear lovely fruit23-07-2017Keith Truscott
Bear the Burden   28-08-2016John Yates
Bearing the Burden7-10-2013John Yates
Beasts and Sheep   5-12-2016John Yates
1. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
3-07-2005John Yates
2. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted
10-07-2005John Yates
3. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God
17-07-2005John Yates
4. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth
24-07-2005John Yates
Beautiful ‘ME’24-06-2012John Yates
Beautiful ‘ME’
2. Beautiful ‘US’
23-07-2012John Yates
Beautify My Bride24-09-2013John Yates
Beautifying the City20-02-2013John Yates
A reflection
24-04-2013John Yates
Before the sun sets11-01-2018Keith Truscott
Believe30-10-2017Keith Truscott
Beloved, hang in there29-10-2015Keith Truscott
Bend the Knee6-08-2014John Yates
Bend with the breeze19-08-2016Keith Truscott
Best around3-07-2017Keith Truscott
Best care10-08-2017Keith Truscott
Best life support2-01-2017Keith Truscott
Best respite28-10-2016Keith Truscott
Best showcase7-12-2016Keith Truscott
Best song to sing10-01-2018Keith Truscott
Bethel and the Church in Perth31-10-2005John Yates
Bethesda Leadership Vision Retreat 200424-06-2004John Yates
Better ‘goodwill’4-02-2018Keith Truscott
Better than any dream teams27-04-2016Keith Truscott
Better Than Me23-10-2013John Yates
Beware the Gift11-06-2015John Yates
Beyond Christmas16-12-2016Keith Truscott
Beyond street-smart25-08-2016Keith Truscott
Beyond wingspan16-11-2017Keith Truscott
Billabongs2-11-2017Keith Truscott
Bless our children23-11-2016Keith Truscott
Blessed to be a Blessing15-02-2015John Yates
Blood brothers1-10-2016Keith Truscott
Blood in the Cloud22-03-2015John Yates
Blood speaks louder than Words
Living as the heavenly church
20-10-2004John Yates
Bob up like cork12-09-2016Keith Truscott
Boldness28-06-2010John Yates
Boom, Bust and a People Prepared for Revival10-08-2008John Yates
Boomerang love1-07-2016Keith Truscott
Both love dearly25-05-2016Keith Truscott
Bow the Knee: a word for Australia10-09-2013John Yates
Break every chain8-05-2016Keith Truscott
Break the link4-09-2016Keith Truscott
Bride and Groom23-05-2017Keith Truscott
Broke sin’s curse14-08-2017Keith Truscott
Broken Light16-11-2013John Yates
Broken ‘ME’3-08-2012John Yates
Brokenness Will Rebuild the Church18-06-2004John Yates
Brothers and Fathers31-07-2005John Yates
Brothers and Friends20-04-2012John Yates
Brothers of a Heavenly Glory11-05-2008John Yates
Bruised: A Good Friday Meditation28-03-2015John Yates
Build My Temple28-10-2009John Yates
Building Church where you are5-03-2009Brian Medway
Building on Christ5-10-2014John Yates
Burden-Boss21-06-2016Keith Truscott
Buy Gold!12-10-2008John Yates
Call me23-04-2016Keith Truscott
Calling in the 21st Century1-06-2013Simon Bibby
Can God love you more or less than he does now?10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Care, fair and just31-01-2017Keith Truscott
Celebrate Jesus4-01-2016John Yates
Changed bosses21-03-2016Keith Truscott
Chaos and Conflict
1. Introduction and Old Testament
10-11-2008John Yates
Chaos and Conflict
2. Jesus and chaos
John Yates
Chaos and Conflict
3. Christ in us continues the conflict
John Yates
Children of the Cross
Intimacy is holiness
18-11-2004John Yates
Christ Centred Community of Faith6-11-2017John Yates
Christ is coming8-05-2017Keith Truscott
Christ Only16-10-2017John Yates
Christ our ‘Wisdom’10-05-2017Keith Truscott
Christ our Law3-08-2014John Yates
Christ our only umpire10-05-2016Keith Truscott
Christian conscience23-11-2014Jenny Cox
Christian hope8-12-2016Keith Truscott
Christian Maturity in the Epistle to the Hebrews10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Christian spirituality and experienceJenny Cox
Christianity3-08-2011John Yates
Christmas and the Crisis of Call24-12-2012John Yates
Christmas Inside Out25-12-2015John Yates
Church at Rest28-06-2017John Yates
Church on Fire2-11-2016John Yates
Circumcised Glory2-11-2011John Yates
City Reach Perth3-12-2005John Yates
City Reaching – Overview12-12-2001John Yates
Claiming our Inheritance as Sons7-03-2008John Yates
Class Traitors and
the Church in Mission
20-02-2003John Yates
Cleans up mess16-03-2017Keith Truscott
Clearer ‘ME’
A final vision
9-09-2012John Yates
Cling9-04-2014John Yates
Club or Church?10-04-2016John Yates
Code of love22-03-2017Keith Truscott
Come Again30-11-2014John Yates
Come hot, don’t stall31-03-2016Keith Truscott
Come to the ‘Light’30-06-2017Keith Truscott
Comfort and care4-01-2018Keith Truscott
Coming Ready or Not
Things to expect in 2007
16-12-2006John Yates
Comparative Theology21-05-2013John Yates
Compassionate and Fullness10-02-2012John Yates
Complete16-12-2014John Yates
Confess6-10-2017Keith Truscott
Confusion 20-09-2016John Yates
Conscience and Church10-08-2016John Yates
Contentment1-05-2005John Yates
Control Freak29-04-2014John Yates
Corporate Wisdom: the Architecture of God11-03-2015John Yates
Counselling and Prayer in the Spiritual Climate of Today7-04-2011John Yates
Covering the Blood
Perfectionism in our time
30-12-2003John Yates
Crisis and Creativity4-10-2012John Yates
Cross the Jordan20-07-2016Keith Truscott
Crucified Eyes20-03-2016John Yates
Crucified Glory30-06-2013John Yates
Cry Justice24-05-2015John Yates
Cry Mercy9-08-2015John Yates
Cry, “Revival!”11-08-2010John Yates
Cry, “Mercy!”2-07-2006John Yates
Crying for the Kingdom3-12-2011John Yates
Cut the waste8-06-2016Keith Truscott
Cutting Edge18-09-2011John Yates
Death of a Football Coach5-07-2015Jenny Cox
Death: A Meditation14-04-2014John Yates
Deeper care25-07-2016Keith Truscott
Deeper hunger25-10-2016Keith Truscott
Defining your own identity21-03-2016Jenny Cox
Delighting in the Fear of the Lord28-05-2009John Yates
Depression and Grief12-12-2011Charles Slack
Desert life23-09-2017Keith Truscott
Despised for Jesus5-05-2016John Yates
Developing and Testing Prophetic Ministry Today3-01-2005John Yates
Different routes to Christian maturity14-10-2015Jenny Cox
Direct Contact
The re-formation of the church
7-05-2007John Yates
Direction9-05-2012John Yates
Discerning the Life15-08-2013John Yates
Discerning the Spirit27-09-2015John Yates
Discerning the spirits
Knowing what God is doing in your life
16-08-2011John Yates
Discipleship and Christian Community13-06-2016Jenny Cox
Discipleship as Maturity in Christ
Some preliminary observations
26-12-2008John Yates
Divide the Image8-04-2017John Yates
Divine Intervention20-10-2012John Yates
Do it again!7-05-2014John Yates
Do not worry20-03-2017Keith Truscott
Do your duty26-11-2016Keith Truscott
Doctrines of Demons24-04-2014Jenny Cox
Does God choose us, or do we choose God?27-06-2012John Yates
Doing Business with God5-03-2009John Grullis
Domestic Violence and the Identity of the Church19-10-2015John Yates
Double care25-12-2017Keith Truscott
Doubts are dead15-04-2017Keith Truscott
Down Under15-06-2006John Yates
Driven Mad7-02-2018John Yates
Drug Recovery for Celebrities12-01-2012Charles Slack
Dual Citizenship29-07-2017Jenny Cox
Each step of the way10-04-2016Keith Truscott
Earth and Heaven: Visible and Invisible9-08-2014Jenny Cox
Easy yokes3-09-2016Keith Truscott
Eat Again22-06-2016John Yates
Eden and the Mercy
Australia Needs
24-02-2003John Yates
Edge23-04-2012John Yates
Effects of sin3-11-2017Keith Truscott
Einstein, Moses, my Father, and me27-06-2011Charles Slack
24-03-2009John Yates
Election, Covenant and Community13-07-2005John Yates
Prophet of lasting glory
7-09-2009John Yates
Embarrassed25-09-2016John Yates
Endless Life13-04-2017Keith Truscott
Endure12-12-2017Keith Truscott
Enter ‘God’s rest’3-04-2017Keith Truscott
Envy and the Anointing24-04-2003John Yates
Ephesians 1:15-187-06-2017John Yates
Ephesians 1:19-2316-06-2017John Yates
Ephesians 2:1-5 Dead and Alive1-07-2017John Yates
Ephesians 3:1-13 Now                     21-07-2017John Yates
Ephesians 4:7-1312-08-2017John Yates
Epiphany4-01-2015John Yates
Ev’ry promise7-11-2017Keith Truscott
Evangelism Motivation27-07-2014John Yates
Every day in seven12-03-2016Keith Truscott
Everyday mercy ‘among them’17-02-2016Keith Truscott
Evil and the
Judgement of the Church
9-08-2005John Yates
Evil scene31-10-2017Keith Truscott
Excommunication: the grace of the Father20-08-2015John Yates
Exile or Death
God be with us
17-10-2003John Yates
Explosion or Implosion
The future of the coming youth revival
14-11-2005John Yates
Eyes and ears12-01-2017Keith Truscott
Face any foe17-06-2016Keith Truscott
Face to Face17-05-2009John Yates
Face Up10-03-2015John Yates
Face Up?10-12-2011John Yates
The page for God
12-01-2012John Yates
Facing drama12-10-2016Keith Truscott
Faith and Spirit1-05-2016John Yates
Faith and Unbelief14-07-2006John Yates
Faith at work5-03-2009Richard Foster
Faith can see the future5-04-2016Keith Truscott
Faith fights fears1-03-2017Keith Truscott
Falling feet16-08-2017Keith Truscott
False Glory and True28-07-2014Jenny Cox
False prophets12-07-2017Keith Truscott
Family first22-01-2017John Yates
Family Forever 1.13-02-2014John Yates
Family Forever 2. Unbelievable19-02-2014John Yates
Father Revealed28-09-2016John Yates
Father-Hunger and the Prospect of Revival20-07-2006John Yates
Fatherhood and Restoration
1. Knowing the succession
18-07-2006John Yates
Fatherhood of God10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Fathering as Insight20-09-2009John Yates
Fathering Grief4-03-2016John Yates
Fathers of Discipline20-12-2004John Yates
Father’s Business5-11-2014John Yates
Fear Formed Fathers
2. Fathering the nations
18-12-2011John Yates
Fear Formed Fathers
1. Ultimate foundations
27-11-2011John Yates
Fear God29-06-2015John Yates
Fear is Faith’s Need Today1-05-2003John Yates
Fear is Foundational to God’s Building Today12-05-2003John Yates
Fearless Witness: Part 1- The Foundation of Gentleness21-08-2013John Yates
Fearless Witness: Part 2- A Renewed Prophetic Vision for Restoration26-08-2013John Yates
Fearless Witness: Part 3 – Overcoming the False Witnesses3-09-2013John Yates
Feast on good seeds3-02-2017Keith Truscott
Feast or famine, whatever16-02-2016Keith Truscott
Feeling the strain6-07-2017Keith Truscott
Fervent and faithful3-03-2017Keith Truscott
Fighting Women3-07-2017John Yates
Final Romance8-10-2017John Yates
Final Unity2-08-2011John Yates
Finally Human12-05-2014John Yates
Find Your Voice28-02-2016John Yates
Finding peace19-01-2017Keith Truscott
Fire26-11-2014John Yates
Fire Dream18-09-2015Jenny Cox
Fire: Safe or Good?15-01-2016John Yates
First in line16-04-2016Keith Truscott
First Reflections7-12-2010John Yates
Firstborn 9-02-2017John Yates
Fleecing the Sheep5-03-2009Richard Foster
Flooded rivers11-07-2016Keith Truscott
Flowering Beauty
A reflection
12-08-2011John Yates
Flowing in the Anointing
Living out of your point of joy
John Yates
Follow His tracks18-05-2016Keith Truscott
Fool or jewel3-10-2017Keith Truscott
Foolish Wisdom18-02-2012Charles Slack
For Beauty and For Glory19-06-2016John Yates
For Husbands10-08-2009John Yates
For judgment6-12-2014Jenny Cox
Forever Father17-09-2014John Yates
Forever online19-12-2016Keith Truscott
Forget-Me-not4-04-2016Keith Truscott
Forgive the Torturers30-06-2009John Yates
Forgive their scare2-04-2017Keith Truscott
Forgiveness at the heart of the gospel9-08-2016Jenny Cox
Forgives and perfects4-08-2016Keith Truscott
Foundations For Our Time8-09-2004John Yates
Free and fruitful13-04-2016Keith Truscott
Free Worship3-12-2005John Yates
Frequency, a neglected concept in drug treatment3-06-2007Charles Slack
From treatment to recovery10-08-2011Charles Slack
Fruit for God12-03-2017John Yates
Fruits of our toil22-11-2016Keith Truscott
Full on for Christ31-12-2016Keith Truscott
Fullness in All12-08-2011John Yates
Fullness of Christ11-11-2009John Yates
Fully God and man12-01-2018Keith Truscott
Fully whole25-07-2017Keith Truscott
Future’s certain10-02-2018Keith Truscott
Galilee man18-05-2017Keith Truscott
Gatekeeper14-01-2017Keith Truscott
gay Rights-eousness10-06-2012John Yates
A theological perspective
28-08-2009John Yates
General references for Daily Reflections1-01-2016Keith Truscott
Generation ANZAC21-04-2014John Yates
Get wiser6-04-2017Keith Truscott
Give ‘good health’11-11-2017Keith Truscott
Give thanks2-02-2018Keith Truscott
Gives new Life21-01-2017Keith Truscott
Giving in God’s Gift29-07-2017John Yates
Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) 2007
Encouragement and exhortation
28-05-2007John Yates
Globalisation and the Prophetic Destiny of the Western Church10-02-2008John Yates
Glorious Ambition29-04-2017John Yates
Glory of the Son7-05-2017Keith Truscott
Glory Stolen and Returned30-08-2015John Yates
Glory’s Desire20-04-2009John Yates
Go for God24-06-2016Keith Truscott
God amidst the Garbage29-11-2010John Yates
God and His Gifts
1. What sort of a master?
12-02-2006John Yates
God and His Gifts
2. The joy of gifts given
25-02-2006John Yates
God and His Gifts
3. The gifts of the Holy Spirit
26-02-2006John Yates
God and His gifts
4. The gift of sacrifice
4-03-2006John Yates
God does not dwell in houses made by hands13-12-2015Jenny Cox
God ensures1-11-2016Keith Truscott
God has a plan for your life10-03-2013Jenny Cox
God holds my right hand4-12-2017Keith Truscott
God instead1-05-2016Keith Truscott
God is Commanding the Light to Shine30-07-2006John Yates
God is faithful27-07-2017Keith Truscott
God is faithful26-01-2018Keith Truscott
God is good9-10-2016Keith Truscott
God is great12-11-2016Keith Truscott
God never fails19-11-2017Keith Truscott
God of the Ordinary24-06-2007John Yates
God still rules8-09-2016Keith Truscott
God wants to heal more people than he does24-12-2014Jenny Cox
God weighs motives13-01-2018Keith Truscott
God who Searches the Heart31-03-2010John Yates
God will give you the desires of your heart24-06-2013Jenny Cox
God will reward30-03-2017Keith Truscott
God will speak12-08-2016Keith Truscott
God will supply grace2-12-2017Keith Truscott
God’s ‘good pleasure’30-09-2017Keith Truscott
God’s ‘good work’15-08-2017Keith Truscott
God’s ‘new wine’16-01-2017Keith Truscott
God’s ‘temple’15-10-2017Keith Truscott
God’s free grace23-05-2016Keith Truscott
God’s gems17-09-2016Keith Truscott
God’s grace23-10-2017Keith Truscott
God’s grace pours in4-06-2016Keith Truscott
God’s grace training us15-11-2017Keith Truscott
God’s great prize7-08-2016Keith Truscott
God’s heritage17-01-2018Keith Truscott
God’s love is grand13-02-2018Keith Truscott
God’s Love stamp5-09-2016Keith Truscott
God’s messenger3-12-2017Keith Truscott
God’s plans of grace23-01-2018Keith Truscott
God’s steadfast love11-12-2017Keith Truscott
God’s storehouse1-12-2016Keith Truscott
God’s success rate25-06-2010Charles Slack
God’s training7-01-2018Keith Truscott
God’s witness9-06-2016Keith Truscott
God’s Chosen Fast4-04-2011John Yates
Going on to Maturity29-11-2009John Yates
Going on to Maturity
Hebrews 6:1-3
24-12-2008John Yates
Good and grand24-02-2017Keith Truscott
Good Friday and the dual natures of Christ3-04-2015Jenny Cox
Good Friday Sermon – Jesus Fulfils the Covenant25-03-2016Jenny Cox
Good gardeners13-10-2016Keith Truscott
Good life tools6-03-2017Keith Truscott
Good words15-12-2016Keith Truscott
Grab the goodness10-03-2017Keith Truscott
Grace and Free Will27-09-2017John Yates
Grace and greatness1-04-2017Keith Truscott
Grace galore23-10-2016Keith Truscott
Grace is enough13-12-2016Keith Truscott
Grace is might8-02-2017Keith Truscott
Grace never fails12-06-2016Keith Truscott
Grace Unlimited: The Workers in the Vineyard15-11-2017John Yates
Grace upon Grace29-05-2005John Yates
Grace without Limit21-01-2015John Yates
Graceful words6-12-2017Keith Truscott
Grand Child7-09-2014John Yates
Grateful praise24-11-2016Keith Truscott
Great faith16-01-2018Keith Truscott
Great honour in work7-04-2016Keith Truscott
Great insight16-08-2016Keith Truscott
Great Things7-04-2016John Yates
Greater giving19-07-2016Keith Truscott
Greater love6-01-2017Keith Truscott
Greed is no guest22-07-2017Keith Truscott
Grieve not the Spirit27-07-2016Keith Truscott
Guard your Heart4-01-2009John Yates
Handsome13-03-2013John Yates
Happy Holidays24-12-2014John Yates
Harmless smears11-08-2016Keith Truscott
Harmony Day10-02-2017Keith Truscott
Harvest24-11-2013Jenny Cox
Have no doubts5-02-2017Keith Truscott
Have prayer feast12-02-2018Keith Truscott
Have you not heard?7-06-2016Keith Truscott
He is Near2-12-2011John Yates
He saves20-12-2016Keith Truscott
He Will Baptize You with the Holy Spirit and Fire – Part 2 The Spirit in Jesus21-05-2017Jenny Cox
He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire Part 1 – Fire14-05-2017Jenny Cox
He won’t “press delete”30-08-2016Keith Truscott
He won’t fail20-09-2016Keith Truscott
Heal our lands18-06-2016Keith Truscott
Heal our lands25-12-2016Keith Truscott
Healing Australia’s Wound31-03-2014John Yates
Hear Him now pray3-02-2018Keith Truscott
Hear the Testimony of the Spirit, the Water and the Blood16-12-2013Jenny Cox
Hearing The Word of Christ10-06-2009John Yates
Heaven delight24-05-2017Keith Truscott
Heaven Opened7-07-2013Jenny Cox
Heavenly plot9-12-2017Keith Truscott
Help us get by15-02-2018Keith Truscott
Help, hope and heaven25-09-2017Keith Truscott
Helps us endure15-04-2016Keith Truscott
Hidden18-10-2013Jenny Cox
Hidden Grace7-10-2010John Yates
Hidden Wisdom19-05-2013John Yates
Hidden Wisdom (Summary)John Yates
High and Holy5-12-2017Keith Truscott
His Grace won’t shun18-11-2017Keith Truscott
His home rules15-01-2017Keith Truscott
His love and acceptance26-05-2016Keith Truscott
Hold our hope21-02-2017Keith Truscott
Hold to Jesus16-07-2017Keith Truscott
Holiday Hell
Looking into the heart of evil
16-08-2011John Yates
Holiness, Glory, Mission27-09-2008John Yates
Holy Apostles are Heavenly Men4-05-2004John Yates
Holy Fire, Holy Rule21-06-2004John Yates
Holy patience24-07-2017Keith Truscott
Holy Saturday18-05-2012John Yates
Holy Smoke14-06-2016John Yates
Holy things are hidden things1-04-2003John Yates
Holy War
Spiritual conflict in our time
16-08-2011John Yates
Holy Witness25-08-2005John Yates
Home 112-03-2009John Yates
2. Shaking of heaven and earth
John Yates
Homes in heaven5-03-2017Keith Truscott
Homesick for Glory17-02-2013John Yates
Honeycomb (theology)26-01-2017Keith Truscott
Honoured to Fight21-01-2018John Yates
Hop on board24-03-2017Keith Truscott
Hope deferred makes the heart sick30-07-2012Andrew Francis
Hope for the world8-08-2016Keith Truscott
Hope in God5-02-2018Keith Truscott
How can you determine God’s will for your life?10-03-2013Jenny Cox
How God heals depression – when you can’t11-06-2007Charles Slack
How I got into Princeton University20-10-2011Charles Slack
How to be as good as Mother Teresa – without actually trying20-01-2012Charles Slack
Hub, Storehouse, Net
A model for church in Perth
2-06-2005John Yates
Human merit by-pass29-02-2016Keith Truscott
humble Love23-07-2015John Yates
Humble pie yields just deserts10-02-2012Charles Slack
Hungry Bride5-01-2018John Yates
I Confess28-03-2013John Yates
I Give You Authority
Charles Kraft, Perth 2007
24-08-2007John Yates
I have not found your deeds complete21-09-2014Jenny Cox
I Never Knew You24-05-2017Jenny Cox
If we endure28-05-2016Keith Truscott
Ignorant15-01-2014John Yates
Imitate me as I imitate Christ20-11-2016Jenny Cox
Immanuel18-12-2016John Yates
Immature Church20-02-2018Jenny Cox
Immortal Longings
The supernatural unity of all things
12-10-2007John Yates
Impotence: The Crisis of Fathering in Australia Today2-03-2014John Yates
In “Sorry times” too25-01-2018Keith Truscott
In Christ16-05-2017John Yates
In God I trust4-03-2016Keith Truscott
In His control8-07-2017Keith Truscott
In need of repair10-09-2017Keith Truscott
In the Father6-11-2013Jenny Cox
In the Father Part 210-11-2013Jenny Cox
In the Father Part 312-11-2013Jenny Cox
In-sight Prayer Ministry and the Spiritual Situation Today26-05-2015John Yates
Indigenous Australia
too hard for God?
too hard for the church?
13-09-2004John Yates
Indigenous Glory20-09-2004John Yates
Indignation17-08-2016John Yates
Inheritance: God’s and Ours2-11-2014John Yates
Inhuman21-06-2013John Yates
Inner Authority and Outward Power24-05-2004John Yates
Insiders and Outsiders4-05-2010John Yates
Inspiration, Art and
Prophetic Reality
21-01-2005John Yates
Intercessory Life26-08-2015John Yates
John Yates and The discipline we need
9-05-2007John Yates
Intimacy is Victory
Married forever
2-05-2010John Yates
Intimacy with God7-05-2010John Yates
Intimacy with God21-04-2015Jenny Cox
Into Discipleship 2012
1. The testimony of Jesus
12-08-2012John Yates
Into Discipleship 2012
4. The disciple and righteousness
13-09-2012John Yates
Into Discipleship 2012
5. Praying with Jesus
27-09-2012John Yates
Into Discipleship 2012
6. The Word of God
15-10-2012John Yates
Into Discipleship 2012
8. Reconciliation
1-12-2012John Yates
Into Discipleship 2012
2. The love of discipleship
27-08-2012John Yates
Into Discipleship 2012
3. The worship of the disciple
28-08-2012John Yates
Into Discipleship 2012
7. The glory of God
26-10-2012John Yates
Intolerable Evil28-10-2017John Yates
Invest in Rest30-07-2016Keith Truscott
Invite the right Spirit26-03-2016Keith Truscott
Is that all there is?30-12-2013John Yates
Is the church welcoming people with disabilities?11-05-2016Jenny Cox
Is the Mind of God Divided?
Election reflection 2010
22-08-2010John Yates
Is There A Will of God?13-08-2017Jenny Cox
Isaiah19-04-2015John Yates
ISIS and the Strategy of God9-07-2014John Yates
Islam, a Cross for the West19-10-2010John Yates
Israel and The End16-08-2011John Yates
Israel: Identity and Destiny25-08-2014John Yates
It was the will of the LORD to crush him2-12-2014Jenny Cox
Jack, Jill or Bob18-08-2016Keith Truscott
Jealous ‘ME’26-05-2012John Yates
Jesus transforms2-08-2016Keith Truscott
Jesus always14-06-2016Keith Truscott
Jesus and homosexuality6-09-2015Jenny Cox
Jesus and Psalm 918-04-2017Jenny Cox
Jesus and the Courage to Fear
Healing the masculinity crisis in the church
17-04-2006John Yates
Jesus and the Marketplace of “All Things”14-02-2009John Yates
Jesus as the Heir of God26-04-2015Jenny Cox
Jesus at the Centre5-05-2011John Yates
Jesus Buried14-06-2013Jenny Cox
Jesus is Law19-05-2017Keith Truscott
Jesus is more important than the poor11-02-2017Jenny Cox
Jesus is The Future4-11-2009John Yates
Jesus is the Kingdom23-07-2016John Yates
Jesus is the root24-11-2017Keith Truscott
Jesus Plus…Tradition6-03-2016John Yates
Jesus the Sieve13-07-2016Keith Truscott
Jesus’ invite29-09-2017Keith Truscott
Jesus’ Heaven31-05-2016John Yates
Jew and Gentile18-12-2017Keith Truscott
Jim Lim’s testimony5-03-2009Jim Lim
Job and Jesus15-11-2015John Yates
John the Baptist27-07-2015John Yates
An unfinished story
15-08-2011John Yates
Join praises29-04-2016Keith Truscott
Jonah and Jesus22-06-2015John Yates
Joseph of Arimathea11-10-2015John Yates
Joy Again19-02-2012John Yates
Joy and hope13-12-2017Keith Truscott
Joy so boundless19-04-2016Keith Truscott
Joy that’s higher19-04-2017Keith Truscott
Judge Not8-01-2003Charles Slack
Judgement has been Taken Away 121-05-2007John Yates
Judgement has been Taken Away 2John Yates
Keep doing good4-10-2017Keith Truscott
Keep faith aflame6-01-2018Keith Truscott
Keep looking to Jesus6-06-2016Keith Truscott
Keep on caring23-09-2016Keith Truscott
Keep praying30-09-2016Keith Truscott
Keep the faith19-09-2016Keith Truscott
Keep trusting13-01-2017Keith Truscott
Keep up core training29-03-2016Keith Truscott
Keep up our zeal31-08-2016Keith Truscott
Keep up prayer31-07-2016Keith Truscott
Keep with the beat1-09-2016Keith Truscott
Key to Theology of Addiction25-05-2010Charles Slack
Killing the Competition
The coming revolution amongst men
20-09-2008John Yates
King Saul, religiosity and the Church in Perth1-08-2016Jenny Cox
Kingdom Conflict7-04-2012John Yates
Know for sure3-01-2017Keith Truscott
Knowing God Through Wisdom1-01-2003John Yates
Kookaburra faith19-10-2016Keith Truscott
Lamb’s War
1. Entering into the realm of revelation
16-02-2010John Yates
Lamb’s War
2. The Lamb and his enemies
23-02-2010John Yates
Lamb’s War
3. Reigning in righteousness
2-03-2010John Yates
Lamb’s War
4. Priestly worship
10-03-2010John Yates
Lamb’s War
5. The testimony of Jesus
16-03-2010John Yates
Lamb’s War
6. Great mysteries
24-03-2010John Yates
Lamb’s War
7. All things new
30-03-2010John Yates
Leaders on Trial – Pray!28-08-2003John Yates
Leave us, no never2-01-2018Keith Truscott
Leaving an inheritance27-02-2016Keith Truscott
Lectures to my students23-05-2013John Yates
Lessons from Adam
1. A closed book?
5-12-2001Charles Slack
Lessons from Adam
2. The book opens
Charles Slack
Lessons from Adam
3. Another Adam
Charles Slack
Lessons from Adam
4. Deliverance
Charles Slack
Lessons from Adam
5. Addicted to God
Charles Slack
Lessons from Adam
6. The big question
Charles Slack
Lessons from Adam
7. Where are you?
Charles Slack
Lessons from the Person of Daniel16-09-2016Jenny Cox
Lest we forget25-04-2016Keith Truscott
Let Him lead26-03-2017Keith Truscott
Let the Lion roar8-01-2018Keith Truscott
Let’s be “sure of this…”14-03-2016Keith Truscott
Let’s endure6-12-2016Keith Truscott
Let’s go broadcast8-01-2017Keith Truscott
Let’s make hay7-07-2016Keith Truscott
Let’s not fret4-12-2016Keith Truscott
Let’s stay ‘hot’6-02-2018Keith Truscott
Life any time16-04-2017Keith Truscott
Life at Home and Work Eph 6:1-924-09-2017John Yates
Life re-set2-11-2016Keith Truscott
LIfe’s that grand23-03-2017Keith Truscott
Life-long trust29-10-2016Keith Truscott
Life-style14-10-2017Keith Truscott
Lifelong love15-03-2017Keith Truscott
Life’s times and seasons are decided by the Father30-03-2015Jenny Cox
Lift Up Your Hearts
1. Personal prophetic awareness
14-10-2011John Yates
Lift Up Your Hearts
2. The testimony of God
John Yates
Light for 201628-12-2015John Yates
Lighten up2-04-2016Keith Truscott
Lighten up17-10-2016Keith Truscott
Lighter than a feather23-02-2016Keith Truscott
Like grandmother told17-07-2016Keith Truscott
Like grass13-11-2017Keith Truscott
Like the dish and spoon3-06-2016Keith Truscott
Little Ones17-07-2016John Yates
Live by faith5-11-2017Keith Truscott
Live holy5-04-2017Keith Truscott
Live more holy9-05-2017Keith Truscott
Living by faith2-12-2016Keith Truscott
Living in a Disaster Zone19-01-2011John Yates
Living in two camps9-07-2016Keith Truscott
Living parables of the cross15-12-2014Jenny Cox
Living Repentance10-03-2016John Yates
Longing for His Coming3-04-2011John Yates
Looking for ‘that someone’14-02-2016Keith Truscott
Looking Forward18-05-2011John Yates
Loosening the foothold21-02-2016Keith Truscott
Lord by the Spirit30-10-2016John Yates
Lords of Time
Busyness, burnout and the power of the demonic
21-09-2009John Yates
Lordship of Christ1-11-2017Keith Truscott
Lord’s Prayer (LP) 1. Our Father2-02-2014John Yates
Lord’s Prayer (LP) 4. Save us…deliver us…23-02-2014John Yates
Loud, clear and near22-04-2016Keith Truscott
Love Conquers All15-03-2004John Yates
Love God and Hate the Church?9-07-2016Jenny Cox
Love never ends16-05-2017Keith Truscott
Love of Self and Love of God21-11-2003John Yates
Love that mends18-10-2016Keith Truscott
Love that never rusts20-06-2016Keith Truscott
Love ties8-10-2017Keith Truscott
Love we must5-01-2017Keith Truscott
Loved by the Father4-10-2014Pascal Michel
Loves and sustains9-02-2018Keith Truscott
Loving and praying14-12-2017Keith Truscott
Loving worldview24-10-2017Keith Truscott
Loyal and loving for a lifetime15-03-2016Keith Truscott
Loyal Love22-05-2017Keith Truscott
Loyal Love22-11-2017Keith Truscott
Made right with God7-03-2016Keith Truscott
Make Every Effort30-07-2016John Yates
Malaysia Airlines and Dead Children21-07-2014Jenny Cox
Male, female roles10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Man Drought 128-01-2013John Yates
Man Drought 21-02-2013John Yates
Manna still falls16-11-2016Keith Truscott
Marketplace Connect Seminar (May 2009)2-05-2009Jeroen Bruins
Marketplace connection5-03-2009Jeroen Bruins
Marketplace Excitement2-12-2009John Yates
Marketplace Transformation Seminar15-07-2009Barbara Chan
Marketplace Transformation
What is holding it back?
29-06-2009John Yates
Marketplace Wisdom of Heaven and Earth27-11-2008John Yates
Discovering the kingdom of God
5-05-2009John Yates
Marriage and Spiritual Warfare29-08-2017Jenny Cox
Marriage at Work
1. Failure at the foundation
29-04-2013John Yates
Marriage at Work
2. The Hope of Israel
26-05-2013John Yates
Marriage at Work
3. Jesus and the Church
John Yates
Marriage Equality and the Fear of Satan19-11-2013John Yates
Marriage Glory17-09-2017John Yates
Married for War4-12-2017John Yates
Mary and Martha23-08-2015John Yates
Mature into ‘shining stars’18-03-2016Keith Truscott
Maturity8-04-2013John Yates
ME30-01-2012John Yates
Meals and Jesus12-06-2011John Yates
Meaning, Death and the New Youth Future31-08-2006John Yates
Melted Minds vs. Solid Reality24-05-2010Charles Slack
Memory backup1-03-2016Keith Truscott
Men and Taking Ground10-10-2004John Yates
Men at Work
1. The lordship of Christ and confidence at work
14-02-2003John Yates
Men at Work
2. Work as a problem for men
John Yates
Men at Work
3. The holiness of work
John Yates
Men at Work
4. Why work?
John Yates
Men at Work
5. Vocation
John Yates
Men at Work
6. Leisure and recreation
John Yates
Men at Work
7. Unemployment
John Yates
Men’s Group
Men of wisdom
21-11-2003John Yates
Men’s Group Devotions
1 Men and women
8-05-2003John Yates
Men’s Group Devotions
2 & 3 Marriage
John Yates
Men’s Group Devotions
4 Communication
John Yates
Men’s Group Devotions
5 & 6 Authority & Submission
John Yates
Men’s Group Devotions
7 & 8 Intimacy
John Yates
Men’s Group Devotions
9 Summary – live with women as Jesus would
John Yates
Men’s Group
Covenant headship and images of intimacy
29-10-2004John Yates
Men’s Group
Men and loneliness
20-09-2004John Yates
Mercy Triumphs over Anger12-11-2007John Yates
Messianic Identity26-02-2013John Yates
Mexican wave23-02-2017Keith Truscott
Miracle Depression Cure6-06-2007Charles Slack
Mirror19-12-2013John Yates
Mirror25-03-2017John Yates
Mission songs10-10-2017Keith Truscott
Model of meek13-10-2017Keith Truscott
Moment-by-moment15-08-2016Keith Truscott
More Christlike2-02-2017Keith Truscott
More than a refuge3-02-2016Keith Truscott
More than enough6-04-2016Keith Truscott
Mormons, morality and personal revelation6-02-2017Jenny Cox
Mother21-03-2013John Yates
Mother’s day14-05-2017Keith Truscott
Mouth of the Beast, Mouth of the Lamb12-11-2006John Yates
Move those mountains15-05-2016Keith Truscott
My ‘grace’8-02-2018Keith Truscott
My Father’s Business5-03-2015John Yates
My history of drug abuse and recovery13-04-2011Charles Slack
My place20-08-2016Keith Truscott
My prayer11-06-2016Keith Truscott
My prayer space19-06-2016Keith Truscott
My prayer-knock30-10-2016Keith Truscott
My refuge11-03-2017Keith Truscott
Myanmar 2017 part 1 – Spiritual Fathering9-01-2017John Yates
Myanmar 2017 part 2 – The Eternal FatherJohn Yates
Myanmar 2017 part 3 – The Father of IdolsJohn Yates
Myanmar 2017 part 4 – The Wrath of the fatherJohn Yates
Myanmar 2017 part 5 – The Father of Families and NationsJohn Yates
Mystery of God30-12-2013John Yates
Myth and Mystery
Transforming the destiny of a nation
14-09-2004John Yates
Nailed Beauty30-10-2014John Yates
Naked9-02-2017Jenny Cox
Naked and Not Ashamed
A message to the angel of the church in Perth
4-05-2010John Yates
Needing strength5-07-2017Keith Truscott
Neither fret nor worry25-03-2016Keith Truscott
Nets of Unity9-02-2006John Yates
Never despair7-07-2016Keith Truscott
Never despair6-07-2016Keith Truscott
Never fear28-04-2016Keith Truscott
Never give up10-11-2017Keith Truscott
Never sin twice2-06-2016Keith Truscott
New house rules11-02-2016Keith Truscott
New Testament Visions and the Gospel20-05-2013Jenny Cox
1. New commandment
23-10-2005John Yates
2. New covenant
30-10-2005John Yates
3. New creation in Christ
6-11-2005John Yates
4. New heavens and new earth
13-11-2005John Yates
No better sign14-02-2017Keith Truscott
No bigger bang22-08-2016Keith Truscott
No bother24-01-2018Keith Truscott
No Condemnation2-06-2013John Yates
No guessing game9-01-2017Keith Truscott
No middle ground2-02-2016Keith Truscott
No more downplay5-02-2016Keith Truscott
No more sting12-04-2016Keith Truscott
No mystery24-04-2016Keith Truscott
No one minute workout5-05-2016Keith Truscott
No options left30-03-2016Keith Truscott
No Other Foundation       22-05-2017John Yates
No Rival Powers28-01-2010John Yates
No shame19-12-2017Keith Truscott
No threat, no fear4-07-2016Keith Truscott
No triple yokes23-01-2016Keith Truscott
Not ‘checkmate’18-02-2017Keith Truscott
Nothing13-02-2009John Yates
Nothing hidden8-02-2016Keith Truscott
Nothing scares10-01-2017Keith Truscott
Now and tomorrow27-08-2016Keith Truscott
O Virgin Daughter of Zion25-04-2016Jenny Cox
Old and Young for Jesus2-01-2018John Yates
On the Journey with Jesus 4: The Way24-01-2016John Yates
One Foundation2-10-2016John Yates
One Heart13-05-2017John Yates
One Owner6-05-2017Keith Truscott
One small wish17-01-2017Keith Truscott
Only Natural7-11-2016John Yates
Opportunities of God and Men15-11-2011John Yates
Ordinary Power
Jesus’ kingdom and the new royalty in the church
23-06-2007John Yates
Orphan-age    2-09-2016John Yates
Our ‘fortress’1-08-2017Keith Truscott
Our ‘new self’25-02-2017Keith Truscott
Our battle’s won20-02-2017Keith Truscott
Our biggst thanks14-07-2017Keith Truscott
Our Christian ties26-06-2016Keith Truscott
Our Father10-08-2012John Yates
Our Father’s love11-04-2017Keith Truscott
Our future’s okay29-01-2018Keith Truscott
Our good end19-03-2017Keith Truscott
Our Governor General and the end of “Christianity”16-05-2008John Yates
Our hearts still sing6-05-2016Keith Truscott
Our help and care14-01-2018Keith Truscott
Our high price29-08-2016Keith Truscott
Our home base21-07-2016Keith Truscott
Our house of hope2-09-2016Keith Truscott
Our life code14-07-2017Keith Truscott
Our life is hid with Christ in God10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Our Mother3-07-2016John Yates
Our new song9-03-2017Keith Truscott
Our pacesetter16-03-2016Keith Truscott
Our Saviour13-06-2016Keith Truscott
Our Saviour28-12-2016Keith Truscott
Our Saviour10-12-2017Keith Truscott
Our strong tower5-10-2016Keith Truscott
Our strong wall22-02-2017Keith Truscott
Out of the pit17-05-2016Keith Truscott
Paint the City
A vision of beauty
15-09-2010John Yates
Parallels between the death of John the Baptist and the Death of Jesus11-08-2013Jenny Cox
Parenting Wisdom10-05-2013John Yates
Participation3-05-2015Jenny Cox
Participation in the cross10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Pass every ‘test’17-04-2016Keith Truscott
Pass the Glory14-03-2012John Yates
Pass the great test13-11-2016Keith Truscott
Pass the test11-10-2016Keith Truscott
Pass the test8-11-2016Keith Truscott
Passing the test26-07-2017Keith Truscott
Patience15-12-2017Keith Truscott
Paul2-08-2015John Yates
Paul and the Mission of the Church30-09-2013John Yates
Payment3-05-2003John Yates
Peace He bestows28-03-2017Keith Truscott
Peace will increase3-12-2016Keith Truscott
Peaceful ‘ME’
A journey
28-08-2012John Yates
Election reflection 2010
31-07-2010John Yates
Pentecost in three tenses4-06-2017Jenny Cox
Perfect love8-07-2016Keith Truscott
Permanent new life2-05-2016Keith Truscott
Perplexed About Nothing26-04-2016John Yates
Persecution in the Church is a Preparation for Revival6-01-2004John Yates
Perspectives on the city9-03-2005John Yates
Perth, China and the Global Move of God17-03-2007John Yates
Sacrifice for the brothers brings glory from God
10-05-2008John Yates
Philippians 4:410-03-2013Jenny Cox
Phillip Hughes Why?3-12-2014John Yates
Please God4-11-2016Keith Truscott
Pleasing God3-05-2016Keith Truscott
Pleasing the Father7-10-2009John Yates
Politics or Jesus12-12-2017John Yates
Poor Vision2-07-2012John Yates
Possession – an indigenous Problem26-07-2017John Yates
Possession?30-08-2008John Yates
Pray and obey4-10-2016Keith Truscott
Prayer and the Prophetic Presence of God13-08-2008John Yates
Prayer in the Spirit21-06-2015Jenny Cox
Prayer power10-11-2016Keith Truscott
Prayer Summit 200618-06-2006John Yates
Prayer, Spirit, Kingdom28-12-2009John Yates
Prayer: Envisioning the Impossible7-12-2013John Yates
Praying for the Least-Reached People Groups8-03-2011John Yates
Praying in the fivefold ministry19-02-2004John Yates
Praying in the name of Jesus21-11-2017Jenny Cox
Praying with Jesus10-07-2011John Yates
Preach to our foes27-03-2017Keith Truscott
Precious14-08-2015John Yates
Precious28-01-2018Keith Truscott
Prepared for Judgement
The Queensland floods as gift and call
18-01-2011John Yates
Presence29-06-2009John Yates
Prince of Peace11-10-2017Keith Truscott
Promise22-05-2016John Yates
Prophetic Preaching and Teaching
1. The centrality of revelation
18-04-2006John Yates
Prophetic Preaching and Teaching
2. The testimony of Jesus as the content of revelation
John Yates
Prosperity for All?4-06-2007John Yates
Prosperity versus Spirituality8-09-2016John Yates
Protected by Blood17-07-2017John Yates
Protects beyond compare11-05-2016Keith Truscott
Published Theological Articles31-12-2000John Yates
Pure gold21-05-2016Keith Truscott
Pure Passion17-06-2004John Yates
Quench anger fuel25-01-2017Keith Truscott
Radiant with Beauty24-03-2008John Yates
Raised all the Way6-08-2016Keith Truscott
Re-Formation for Revival2-06-2005John Yates
Re-Hearing the Father
Husbands and wives
10-08-2009John Yates
Re-Incarnation: Faith @Work10-06-2015John Yates
Real Evil4-10-2014John Yates
Real Hate2-10-2017John Yates
Real Highs: getting there30-12-2011Charles Slack
Reap life eternal15-06-2016Keith Truscott
Reason for Christmas21-12-2017Keith Truscott
Rebuilding the Church  1. Seeing it as it Is                       23-04-2017John Yates
Recognise-Indigenous14-10-2015John Yates
Reconciled by the Riches of his Glory 1.9-06-2013John Yates
Reconciled by the Riches of his Glory 2.John Yates
Reconciled by the Riches of his Glory 3.John Yates
Reconciled by the Riches of his Glory 4.John Yates
Referred Pain25-06-2015Jenny Cox
Reflections on developing a theology of chocolate10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Reflections on Louis Theroux documentary on transgender kids29-03-2016Jenny Cox
Reflections on men and women in Christ10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Reflections on not being a person26-01-2016Jenny Cox
Reflections on sexuality and gender conference23-09-2016Jenny Cox
Reflections on spiritual warfare based on 2 Kings 18-1910-03-2013Jenny Cox
Reformation, Sunday8-01-2016John Yates
Regulating versus Endorsing28-02-2017Jenny Cox
Rejoice today15-05-2017Keith Truscott
Religion that Pleases God7-09-2010John Yates
Relinquish28-12-2014John Yates
Remember Part 1: Good and Wrong14-09-2015John Yates
Remember Part 2: Jesus and his Father19-09-2015John Yates
Remembering and Being Remembered in the Lord’s Supper7-08-2017Jenny Cox
Renaming “God”12-02-2018John Yates
Repentance29-10-2017Jenny Cox
Rescue me20-10-2016Keith Truscott
Rescue plans3-07-2016Keith Truscott
Resource WA2-07-2015John Yates
Respect4-04-2009John Yates
Responsibility Beneath the Rainbow of Grace15-08-2013John Yates
Rest Again13-11-2014John Yates
Rest in Jesus9-03-2012John Yates
Rested Glory16-05-2012John Yates
Resting and Ruling with Christ29-05-2008John Yates
Restoration, Art and the Future of Humanity23-03-2008John Yates
Restore4-01-2017Keith Truscott
Restoring the Beauty of Fatherhood5-05-2017John Yates
Restoring the Beauty of Fatherhood 2.5-06-2017John Yates
Resurrected as Son1-04-2013John Yates
Resurrection Fear16-04-2017John Yates
Resurrection Power
Sonship and a unique mission move of God
8-12-2008John Yates
Resurrection Presence24-11-2008John Yates
Revival and Bible    19-10-2016John Yates
Revival in Australia
A personal view
14-08-2010John Yates
Revival in Western Australia
Friends of Jesus
15-03-2007John Yates
Revival without Reformation
Reception without preservation
8-05-2008John Yates
Revival, Aussie Style16-06-2008John Yates
Riches and money2-07-2017Keith Truscott
Riches and not rubble26-02-2016Keith Truscott
Riches and rules7-02-2018Keith Truscott
Right on tee31-05-2016Keith Truscott
Righteousness7-10-2017Keith Truscott
Righteousness Revealed in the Marketplace9-06-2013John Yates
Rivers of Love Flowing from Above
Blood and water
19-02-2008John Yates
Rock of Ages8-10-2016Keith Truscott
Royal Dignity19-09-2012John Yates
Royal Sacrifice26-08-2016John Yates
Rule well22-06-2016Keith Truscott
Run to the Rock31-03-2017Keith Truscott
Runaway slave14-08-2016Keith Truscott
Sabbath Keeping, Terrorism, Israel’s Jealousy and the End9-05-2015John Yates
Sacred1-03-2012John Yates
Sacred Blood Bonds: an ANZAC reflection23-04-2015John Yates
Safe and secure15-01-2018Keith Truscott
Safe Church18-01-2015John Yates
Sanctified sense22-09-2016Keith Truscott
Satan and the Church in Perth1-12-2005John Yates
Satan, Siege, Survival17-12-2014John Yates
Satisfaction6-02-2014John Yates
Satisfaction 11-02-2013Andrew Francis
Satisfaction 2Andrew Francis
Save us from sins20-12-2017Keith Truscott
Saving Australia’s Day26-01-2018John Yates
Saviour, Jesus21-12-2016Keith Truscott
Say no to ‘stinking thinking’17-03-2016Keith Truscott
Scarred for Life: why the Church needs same sex marriage and its aftermath11-09-2017John Yates
Scriptures inspire6-11-2017Keith Truscott
Second-to-none15-11-2016Keith Truscott
Secrets, Lies and Revealed Truth13-10-2015Jenny Cox
See me Up, Speak me Up21-03-2017John Yates
See The People5-03-2009Richard Foster
See the sign1-02-2017Keith Truscott
Seeing Clearly5-04-2005John Yates
Seeing Jesus’ Glory in All Things15-12-2017John Yates
Seeing Nothing23-11-2016John Yates
Seeing the Father23-03-2014John Yates
Seeing the Invisible13-09-2016John Yates
Seek ‘lost sheep’7-07-2017Keith Truscott
Seek first…8-12-2017Keith Truscott
Seek the best rest11-03-2016Keith Truscott
Seeking the Kingdom of God31-12-2016Jenny Cox
Servants or Sons?16-03-2017Jenny Cox
Serve others10-04-2017Keith Truscott
Set Apart12-03-2014John Yates
Set free26-10-2016Keith Truscott
Sex and our Fear of Death24-07-2005John Yates
Sexualisation in the Church and the Holiness of GodJohn Yates
Shame in First and Second Corinthians22-01-2018Jenny Cox
SHE10-07-2015John Yates
Sheep choice9-03-2016Keith Truscott
Sheep Know Their Shepherds5-03-2009Richard Foster
Sheep Without A ShepherdRichard Foster
Shepherds in the marketplaceJohn Yates
Shield our dreams17-03-2017Keith Truscott
Ships need to dock28-11-2016Keith Truscott
Shout and sing9-04-2017Keith Truscott
Show grace2-10-2016Keith Truscott
Show love7-03-2017Keith Truscott
Show true love20-01-2018Keith Truscott
Sign of the Saviour24-12-2016Keith Truscott
Signs from Heaven26-02-2011John Yates
Signs of Satan30-01-2016John Yates
Signs, Audible Words from God and Scripture17-03-2017Jenny Cox
Silence21-08-2014John Yates
Simon the Leper1-01-2017Jenny Cox
Simple Hearted10-11-2011John Yates
Simply ‘ME’20-06-2012John Yates
Sing God’s strength25-03-2017Keith Truscott
Sing his sweet song22-03-2016Keith Truscott
Sing His worth24-05-2016Keith Truscott
Singing and Jesus27-06-2011John Yates
Slander slaves11-01-2017Keith Truscott
Slaves to Sons
From preparation to restoration
8-03-2004John Yates
Sleep Working5-11-2013John Yates
Small28-03-2014John Yates
SMALL24-05-2015John Yates
Soft Authority
God’s challenge to men today
1-06-2004John Yates
Soldiers on parade22-01-2016Keith Truscott
Solomon’s Portico
Church without walls
29-11-2004John Yates
Some things won’t budge21-08-2016Keith Truscott
Some Thoughts about the Same-Sex Marriage Debate13-08-2017Jenny Cox
Song of the saved20-11-2016Keith Truscott
Song of the savedKeith Truscott
Soul restore24-08-2016Keith Truscott
Soul Tsunami
God’s test for Australia
19-01-2005John Yates
Sovereign God5-01-2018Keith Truscott
A vision of total discipleship
3-09-2010John Yates
Speak in love9-11-2016Keith Truscott
Speak Up
The death of discernment
4-03-2013John Yates
Spirit to spirit
1. Release of the spirit
6-07-2003John Yates
Spirit to spirit
2. Worship in S/spirit and truth
8-07-2003John Yates
Spirit to spirit
3. Spiritual warfare
10-07-2003John Yates
Spiritual Conflict
4. Victory in the spiritual realm (equality)
7-08-2005John Yates
Spiritual covering18-02-2017John Yates
Spiritual Formation: Knowing God10-03-2014John Yates
Splitting the Image
How Satan attacks the church as the image of Christ
27-10-2004John Yates
Spouse25-09-2012John Yates
Spread God’s love28-07-2016Keith Truscott
Spread His fame27-12-2016Keith Truscott
Stamped with His brand20-04-2016Keith Truscott
Standing with Jesus26-07-2011John Yates
Stay faithful6-03-2017Keith Truscott
Stay fresh9-04-2016Keith Truscott
Stay God’s friend8-04-2017Keith Truscott
Stay loyal24-09-2016Keith Truscott
Stay spotless5-11-2016Keith Truscott
Stay strong for Truth22-05-2016Keith Truscott
Stay worthy18-04-2016Keith Truscott
Steadfast love18-11-2016Keith Truscott
Steadfast love20-11-2017Keith Truscott
Stem-ming the tide3-12-2005John Yates
Stepping-stones28-03-2016Keith Truscott
Still bless others12-05-2016Keith Truscott
Still show mercy25-09-2016Keith Truscott
Still ‘ME’6-06-2012John Yates
Stop the Boats16-04-2015John Yates
Stop the lion’s roar25-01-2016Keith Truscott
Strangers on the shore7-10-2016Keith Truscott
Strengthened in the Word of God26-04-2013John Yates
Strive for unity16-06-2016Keith Truscott
Strong and mature7-05-2016Keith Truscott
Strong Roots16-02-2014Jenny Cox
Strongest ‘safety first rules’12-02-2016Keith Truscott
Structures of Shame in the Church Today23-04-2005John Yates
Struggling in Prayer7-02-2016Jenny Cox
Studies in Holiness
1. Holiness, trinity, and humanity
22-07-2004John Yates
Success in the Son7-01-2012John Yates
Suffer we could15-09-2016Keith Truscott
Summary of doctrine21-05-2013John Yates
Survey of doctrineJohn Yates
Surviving Babylon – The late modern workplace and Christian identity1-03-2013Simon Bibby
Sustaining our Passion for Christ15-08-2011John Yates
Sweet care26-12-2017Keith Truscott
Sweet daily dose13-02-2017Keith Truscott
Sweet songs of Zion24-10-2016Keith Truscott
Sweet Wine16-11-2014John Yates
Sweeter than sunshine9-02-2016Keith Truscott
Tame our tongues16-02-2017Keith Truscott
Teaching for Intercession
01. Holy fear as the answer to the fruitlessness of the church
19-02-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
02. The blood soaked conscience keeps us from falling
7-03-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
03. Deliverance from shame
10-03-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
04. Using and losing the name of Jesus
17-03-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
05. The pattern of God
24-03-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
06. The father we need
31-03-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
07. The provoking of repentance
5-04-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
08. The discipline we need
13-04-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
09. Discerning spirits
27-04-2006John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
10. Unhealing and corruption
John Yates
Teaching for Intercession
11. Entering God’s rest
5-05-2006John Yates
Tears of Lordship
Lessons about Jesus from the life of Joseph
26-11-2007John Yates
Ten years in Princeton19-09-2011Charles Slack
Tent of Joy30-06-2016John Yates
Testing the spirits to see whether they are from God10-03-2013Jenny Cox
Thankful prayers1-08-2016Keith Truscott
Thankfulness29-06-2014John Yates
The ‘Golden Rule’22-07-2016Keith Truscott
The ‘good Way’18-03-2017Keith Truscott
The ‘hunger games’1-02-2016Keith Truscott
The ‘just in time’ God18-01-2017Keith Truscott
The ‘new law’24-07-2016Keith Truscott
The ‘silver’ God29-06-2016Keith Truscott
The ‘stairway’27-01-2018Keith Truscott
The altar of incense and the prayers of the saints30-11-2014Jenny Cox
The anointing of the Spirit20-04-2004John Yates
The Beautifying Father26-06-2013John Yates
The beauty of trees30-05-2016Keith Truscott
The Beauty Parlour4-10-2015John Yates
The Beginning of Revival5-03-2007John Yates
The best hiding place21-04-2016Keith Truscott
The best teacher30-11-2016Keith Truscott
The Blessings of Christmas
Reflections on Mary
18-12-2010John Yates
The Bridal Path6-07-2014John Yates
The Bride of Christ10-03-2013Jenny Cox
The Bride of Revelation: Study 1 – Jesus and the Apocalypse27-10-2014John Yates
The Bride of Revelation: Study 2 – Angels and the BrideJohn Yates
The Bride of Revelation: Study 3 – Suffering WitnessJohn Yates
The Bride of Revelation: Study 4 – Beauty ForeverJohn Yates
The broken net mender24-02-2016Keith Truscott
The Call and Gifts of God14-12-2008John Yates
The Call of God7-11-2003John Yates
The Celebrity-Worship Show16-02-2012Charles Slack
The Centrality of the Cross
1. The word of the cross
24-08-2008John Yates
The Centrality of the Cross
2. The cross of justice
John Yates
The Centrality of the Cross
3. The cross and the peace of God
John Yates
The Centrality of the Cross
4. The worship of the cross
John Yates
The Centrality of the Cross
5. The power of the cross
26-07-2008John Yates
The Centrality of the Cross
6. The wisdom of the cross
11-11-2006John Yates
The Centrality of the Cross
7. The glory of the cross
22-11-2006John Yates
The Centrality of the Cross
8. The future of the cross
29-11-2006John Yates
The chance to choose12-05-2017Keith Truscott
The Church in the City
The image and glory of God
31-05-2010John Yates
The Church of the Holy King19-02-2007John Yates
The Coming Youth Revival24-10-2003John Yates
The Crisis in Ministry Training and the Discipling of the Church in Perth17-11-2005John Yates
The Cross address9-01-2018Keith Truscott
The cross as present reality10-03-2013Jenny Cox
The cure6-08-2017Keith Truscott
The cure for anger13-05-2016Keith Truscott
The Darkness of the Cross Part 1 Jesus25-08-2013Jenny Cox
The Darkness of the Cross Part 2 The Spirit29-09-2013Jenny Cox
The Darkness of the Cross Part 3: Hidden Glory29-10-2013Jenny Cox
The Demonisation of the West 116-07-2007John Yates
The Demonisation of the West 28-08-2007John Yates
The desires of your heart20-12-2010Charles Slack
The Devil’s Schemes1-05-2014Jenny Cox
The Difference between Complaint and Lament2-12-2017Jenny Cox
The Distribution of Goodness2-04-2006John Yates
The Division We Need12-03-2003John Yates
The Dove and the Desert4-08-2016John Yates
The End is Joy13-12-2015John Yates
The End of Humanity6-06-2013John Yates
The End of the World as we know it
God’s voice in the financial crisis
9-10-2008John Yates
The End of Work19-05-2011John Yates
The Eternal Gospel28-03-2014Jenny Cox
The Euthanising of the Church: Committing Spiritual Suicide22-10-2017John Yates
The Exaltation of Jesus and the Perfecting of the Church1-06-2003John Yates
The Excluded Middle27-03-2006John Yates
The Face in the Flames23-01-2013John Yates
The Father and His Children
1. The pleasure of the Father
21-08-2007John Yates
The Father and His Children
2. The purity of the Father
John Yates
The Father and His Children
3. The heavenly Father
28-07-2007John Yates
The Father and His Children
4. The love of the Father
John Yates
The Father of Every Blessing
1. The father of every blessing
15-02-2011John Yates
The Father of Every Blessing
2. The father and the spirits of the land
24-02-2011John Yates
The Father of Every Blessing
3. The blessing of the Kingdom of God
8-03-2011John Yates
The Father of Every Blessing
4. The blessing of The Son
29-03-2011John Yates
The Father of Every Blessing
5. The blessing of leadership
John Yates
The Father of Every Blessing
6. The blessing of witness
John Yates
The Father of Every Blessing
7. The blessing of identity
5-04-2011John Yates
The Father of Every Blessing
8. The blessing of unity
John Yates
The Fathering of spirits24-01-2009John Yates
The Fear of a Son                                                                               3-02-2017John Yates
The Fear of God and Man
25-09-2005John Yates
The Fear of God or the fear of man
Our choice
19-09-2005John Yates
The Fear of Satan1-04-2008John Yates
The fight of faith10-08-2016Keith Truscott
The Fighting Father10-11-2013John Yates
The Foundation of Righteousness24-04-2010John Yates
The Fragrance of Christ13-07-2016Jenny Cox
The Giver of the River17-08-2011John Yates
The Glory of Sonship24-04-2016Jenny Cox
The God who Tests the Heart9-12-2007John Yates
The Government of Peace21-12-2014John Yates
The grace dance9-08-2016Keith Truscott
The Great Escape 127-02-2004John Yates
The Great Escape 25-05-2004John Yates
The Great Example5-03-2009Richard Foster
The Great Placebo18-11-2011Charles Slack
The Greatest Terror7-12-2015John Yates
The Grieving of the Missionary Spirit27-06-2011John Yates
The Happy Father27-11-2013John Yates
The Harp, the Bowl and the Nations
Total release in the purposes of God
19-09-2007John Yates
The Headless Woman3-11-2015John Yates
The healing code28-08-2016Keith Truscott
The Heart of the Creator7-02-2009John Yates
The Heart of Unity20-11-2015John Yates
The Holy Spirit and his gifts for the Church today
1. The Spirit of Jesus
6-01-2003John Yates
The Holy Spirit and his gifts for the Church today
2. The fullness of the Spirit, wisdom and knowledge
John Yates
The Holy Spirit and his gifts for the Church today
3. Faith, healings, miracles
John Yates
The Holy Spirit and his gifts for the Church today
4. Prophecy, discernment of spirits, tongues and interpretation
John Yates
The Holy Spirit as the Power of Spiritual Formation7-11-2013John Yates
The Holy Spirit Groans14-06-2013Jenny Cox
The Hope Filling Father27-11-2013John Yates
The Household of Christ
Ephesians 5:2-6:9
15-09-2003John Yates
The Humanity of God and the Salvation of the Church18-06-2007John Yates
The humble apron17-08-2016Keith Truscott
The humble cod15-07-2016Keith Truscott
The Image and the Voice14-09-2015John Yates
The Implications of Creation in, through, and for Christ10-03-2013Jenny Cox
The Indefectible Father12-08-2011John Yates
The Insufficiency of Scripture17-01-2017Jenny Cox
The Journey from Shittim to Gilgal6-10-2016Jenny Cox
The Joyful Father19-06-2014John Yates
The Joyful Inheritance 118-09-2011John Yates
The Joyful Inheritance 2John Yates
The King We Do Not Want26-06-2006John Yates
The Kingdom of Heaven and the Church on Earth
1.The restoration of all things
14-04-2005John Yates
The Kingdom of Heaven and the Church on Earth
2.The shaking of all things
John Yates
The Kingdom of Heaven and the Church on Earth
3.The heavenly Father
John Yates
The Kingdom of Heaven and the Church on Earth
4.The power of heaven
John Yates
The Kingdom of Heaven and the Church on Earth
5.The heavenly church
John Yates
The Kingdom of Heaven and the Church on Earth
6.The way to heaven
John Yates
The Kingdom of Heaven and the Church on Earth
7.The worship of heaven
John Yates
The Kingdom of Heaven and the Church on Earth
8.The warfare from heaven
John Yates
The Knowledge of God as the Remedy for Spiritual Depression9-04-2006John Yates
The Lamp of the Lamb19-10-2014John Yates
The last ‘Servant Song”24-03-2016Keith Truscott
The last say18-09-2016Keith Truscott
The Law and the Glory3-04-2016John Yates
The Light has come10-12-2016Keith Truscott
The Light of Righteousness
1. The revelation of righteousness
26-07-2010John Yates
The Light of Righteousness
2. A light for the nations
8-08-2010John Yates
The Light of the world27-01-2016Keith Truscott
The Long Term Development of The Fivefold Ministry11-03-2003John Yates
The Lord is near29-10-2017Keith Truscott
The Lord’s fight1-12-2017Keith Truscott
The Love of Gifts 20-11-2016John Yates
The man without his wedding clothes4-08-2013Jenny Cox
The metal testers22-02-2016Keith Truscott
The Ministry of a Prophet16-08-2011John Yates
The Mirror of Election1-06-2011John Yates
The Mother of All Battles14-06-2013John Yates
The Mystery of Lawlessness and Godliness6-10-2016John Yates
The Mystery of Marriage Revelation 2: Justified Peace11-07-2014John Yates
The Mystery of Marriage Revelation 3: Presence in All Things23-07-2014John Yates
The Mystery of Marriage Revelation 4: Seeing the Mystery14-08-2014John Yates
The Mystery of Marriage Revelation 1: Equality26-06-2014John Yates
The Mystery of the Word Made Flesh20-12-2015John Yates
The Naked Heart15-08-2010John Yates
The Name of Jesus and the Future of the Church18-02-2006John Yates
The Nature and Purpose of Prophecy Today16-08-2011John Yates
The New gods
A global warning
22-08-2011John Yates
The New Male
A meditation
7-11-2010John Yates
The Only Breakthrough28-07-2003John Yates
The Order of Truth30-06-2016John Yates
The Other Book3-09-2014John Yates
The Peace Child23-12-2016Keith Truscott
The Pentecostal Centre7-06-2017John Yates
The perfect cure26-07-2016Keith Truscott
The Plan of God19-01-2010John Yates
The Pleasure of the Father11-08-2013Jenny Cox
The Power that is Coming
The power to make sons
31-03-2007John Yates
The Prize8-11-2015John Yates
The Public Square5-03-2009Richard Foster
The Punishment of Pornography8-02-2013John Yates
The Puzzle of Humanity19-03-2015John Yates
The Rejected Stone2-04-2017John Yates
The resurrection of Jesus and biblical inerrancy28-03-2015Jenny Cox
The River of God and the Healing of the Nations1-08-2011John Yates
The secret of certainty6-02-2016Keith Truscott
The Seeking God8-05-2013John Yates
The Servant Community16-08-2011John Yates
The Servant of servants23-03-2016Keith Truscott
The Shame we Need27-11-2015John Yates
The shame-breaker5-03-2016Keith Truscott
The Shame-breaker30-06-2016Keith Truscott
The Sheep And The Fold5-03-2009Richard Foster
The Show-Off Spirit22-08-2016John Yates
The Silence of the Lamb11-06-2016John Yates
The Simple Jesus31-08-2007John Yates
The Spirit and Power of Elijah20-08-2008John Yates
The Spirit of Adoption14-08-2010John Yates
The Spirit of the Cross14-02-2012John Yates
The Spirit of the Kingdom9-11-2014John Yates
The Spirit of the Strong Man
The hidden crisis of the church
21-07-2003John Yates
The Spirituality of Witness12-11-2009John Yates
The Star is Rising
Angels and the future move of God 1
31-08-2007John Yates
The Star is Rising
Angels and the future move of God 2
John Yates
The Testimony of the Betrothed2-07-2014John Yates
The Theology of the Bible
An Introduction
28-05-2004John Yates
The thin line of redemption10-03-2016Keith Truscott
The Trial30-09-2009John Yates
The Trinity and Equal Marriage6-12-2015John Yates
The Trinity and the Unity of the Body of Christ12-10-2007John Yates
The Trinity Has its Foundations in the Bible30-11-2005John Yates
The Triumph of the Human Spirit
Finding the Power of God Today
23-04-2003John Yates
The unity of all things and the fivefold ministry10-06-2003John Yates
The Vision of Elijah12-09-2009John Yates
The vision of Jesus and the restoration of the fivefold ministry10-06-2003John Yates
The Way of the Lord24-09-2013John Yates
The Will to be Empowered29-04-2007John Yates
The wonder of God’s love9-05-2016Serge Beugels
The Word of the Kingdom10-01-2010John Yates
The Wordless Father26-10-2015John Yates
The world changer24-01-2016Keith Truscott
Their cupboard is bare23-07-2016Keith Truscott
There was silence in heaven for half an hour10-03-2013Jenny Cox
These sweet love smells5-08-2016Keith Truscott
Three sure things13-02-2016Keith Truscott
Three-fold joy9-10-2017Keith Truscott
Tie-up shoe lace3-08-2016Keith Truscott
Times of Refreshing Retreat25-09-2009John Yates
Tithing and Jesus – A Meditation15-04-2015Jenny Cox
To God be the glory2-03-2017Keith Truscott
The new crusade
11-05-2010John Yates
Too many ‘have-nots’14-04-2016Keith Truscott
Total joy6-02-2017Keith Truscott
Total trust19-02-2016Keith Truscott
Tough troubles10-07-2017Keith Truscott
Training28-10-2017Keith Truscott
Training school22-01-2017Keith Truscott
Transformation Conference
Equipped to transform
Shaking and transforming
26-10-2007John Yates
Transformation Streams in the City of Perth25-10-2004John Yates
Transgender children29-09-2013Jenny Cox
Transparent30-04-2017John Yates
Transparent Glory28-07-2013John Yates
Transparent Imagination         21-12-2016John Yates
Transparent ‘ME’22-08-2012John Yates
Trouble13-07-2016John Yates
True Worship14-04-2013John Yates
True, humble heart17-04-2017Keith Truscott
Truly God’s Son25-10-2017Keith Truscott
Trust and obey9-02-2017Keith Truscott
Trust God26-04-2016Keith Truscott
Trust God17-12-2017Keith Truscott
Trust God27-12-2017Keith Truscott
Trust in the Lord5-10-2017Keith Truscott
Trust Jesus instead4-05-2016Keith Truscott
Truth and mercy18-12-2016Keith Truscott
Turn frown to grin4-02-2017Keith Truscott
Turn the tap back on31-01-2016Keith Truscott
Turning Point: Equal marriage and the Future of the Church10-06-2015John Yates
Two career planners9-05-2016Keith Truscott
Two Mountains
A prophecy
12-07-2012John Yates
Two Ways to Heaven One Way to God: Babylonian Power Today17-03-2003John Yates
Unacknowledged Sons: the Struggle for Mature Unity10-09-2013John Yates
unAustralian?3-02-2012John Yates
Unboxed24-03-2012John Yates
Unchristian Unfathered4-05-2014John Yates
Unclean Spirits28-03-2016John Yates
Uncompetitive Glory23-10-2014John Yates
Understanding Nothing     30-11-2016John Yates
Undying Love11-05-2016John Yates
Unity13-06-2016Jenny Cox
Unity through Death24-02-2003John Yates
A meditation on John 17
8-03-2011John Yates
Unrestrained14-04-2016John Yates
Unseen Hand17-12-2016Keith Truscott
Until Christ is formed in you12-05-2015Jenny Cox
Value hard work5-12-2016Keith Truscott
Victory17-11-2017Keith Truscott
Victory wave21-09-2016Keith Truscott
Vindicate My Righteousness28-02-2015John Yates
Violence and final Revelation2-08-2017John Yates
Vision23-01-2004John Yates
Visions of the End15-10-2009John Yates
Walk in ‘Wisdom’19-03-2016Keith Truscott
Walk in line28-02-2016Keith Truscott
Walk in love12-03-2017Keith Truscott
Walk in the Light29-03-2017Keith Truscott
Walk in unity29-01-2016Keith Truscott
Wall of Fire20-04-2017John Yates
Wall of Fire
City of refuge 1
17-08-2007John Yates
Wall of Fire
City of refuge 2
John Yates
War in Iraq and Seeing Clearly18-03-2003John Yates
Warning From Heaven
A call to seasoned intercession
30-10-2004John Yates
Warning From Heaven
A call to seasoned intercession
14-02-2005John Yates
Warning: Power politics and the cross
A fatal combination
15-10-2004John Yates
Traders in the house of God
11-03-2003John Yates
Watch Your Words22-07-2009John Yates
We ‘belong’18-01-2018Keith Truscott
We are warriors1-04-2016Keith Truscott
We belong13-09-2016Keith Truscott
We belong11-11-2016Keith Truscott
We can surely rise27-05-2016Keith Truscott
We won’t fear12-02-2017Keith Truscott
We’re a “new creation”14-05-2016Keith Truscott
We’re God’s letter27-09-2017Keith Truscott
Weight loss and deliverance from idols25-06-2015Jenny Cox
Welcome letter12-08-2017Keith Truscott
What does the Messianic movement mean to Jesus?2-12-2013John Yates
What God’s love brings14-04-2017Keith Truscott
What makes the Christian faith Christian?27-09-2015Jenny Cox
What to do about Grief9-12-2011Charles Slack
What we sow18-07-2016Keith Truscott
What’s So Scary About Dying?10-09-2017Jenny Cox
Wheat or weeds17-08-2017Keith Truscott
Wheel and deal29-09-2016Keith Truscott
When the serpent of worrry bites4-02-2016Keith Truscott
When the sun sets11-07-2017Keith Truscott
When we pray8-03-2017Keith Truscott
Whenever angry19-05-2016Keith Truscott
Who Am I?19-10-2014Jenny Cox
Who is Calling to Prayer
God or Man?
2-12-2005John Yates
Who We are in Jesus
Union with Christ
21-11-2004John Yates
Why Does God Allow Suffering?26-10-2010John Yates
Why human actions?26-07-2016Jenny Cox
Why is there Confusion and Lack of Wisdom in the Church?21-11-2006John Yates
Why the Vision Perishes18-02-2018John Yates
Why we sing7-11-2016Keith Truscott
Winner, Watchman27-01-2017Keith Truscott
Winners by grace23-06-2016Keith Truscott
Wisdom and the Fear of the Lord1-01-2003John Yates
Wisdom Belongs to GodJohn Yates
Wisdom of the Aged: God’s strategy to re-disciple Australia21-09-2017John Yates
Wisdom to Disciple      24-10-2016John Yates
Wise Men Follow the Star23-12-2013John Yates
Wise Testimony18-06-2011John Yates
Wish-washy waves26-01-2016Keith Truscott
With our flaws19-10-2017Keith Truscott
Witness of the Son of God26-10-2010John Yates
Won’t rust and decay29-07-2016Keith Truscott
Wonderful deeds17-11-2016Keith Truscott
Word for this Hour12-11-2008John Yates
Working Together11-02-2001John Yates
Works in John’s Gospel12-12-2013Jenny Cox
Worldly sins3-01-2018Keith Truscott
Worship and praise23-08-2016Keith Truscott
Worship forever more20-03-2016Keith Truscott
Worship on the Lord’s Day proclaims both resurrection and judgment12-07-2015Jenny Cox
Worshipping the Power of the Beast10-11-2006John Yates
Worth28-12-2016Jenny Cox
Worth gold weight26-09-2016Keith Truscott
Worthy of Witness3-02-2013John Yates
Worthy to Witness to the World12-06-2007John Yates
Wound21-01-2014John Yates
Wounded and Healed
the Heart of Jesus
23-01-2006John Yates
Wounded for me20-05-2016Keith Truscott
Wounding Power12-10-2014John Yates
Wrong claims on us8-04-2016Keith Truscott
You are salt26-08-2016Keith Truscott
You don’t go to heaven when you die… heavenly or earthly,
where are we living today?
16-04-2003John Yates
You Fool6-07-2013John Yates
The pattern of restoration
13-09-2008John Yates
Zone Out
Another Word for Australia
30-10-2011John Yates
‘Unanswered’ prayer and the cross10-03-2013Jenny Cox