Hearing The Word of Christ

Hong Kong, 05.06.2009

Sensing the inner dialogue in Jesus, “speak to the royal image.”

Dimensions in Jesus’ self-consciousness as prophet, priest and king

Jesus hears himself i.e. his own thoughts in the Father’s love , he hears himself in the Father’s love (there is one stream of consciousness in the trinity (=river of God) in Father, Son, Spirit)

Jesus hears the father in his (Jesus’) own voice. E.g. God raises Jesus from the dead (Acts references etc. Spirit raises Jesus Rom 1:4 etc., Jesus raises himself “power to take it up”) Mutual self-awareness of the Persons of the trinity is what we share in, in Christ. This is our authority (and theirs).

Christian community is created when we hear each other speaking the words of God in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit = Father – Son love in the Spirit.

In Jesus, in God, the priest prays prophetically to the king who acts to heal, deliver etc. JY is aware he is praying in Jesus in this way.

In Jesus your voice will be heard i.e. people hear their own voice = recognize the royal image/word etc. coming from them approx’s hearing oneself for the first time. “You are heard.” The voice  of the poor, weak, oppressed etc. are heard. N.b. John 11 “Father…you always hear me” 1 John 5 “ask according to his will he hears us…” the second is contained in the first. This is a vital revelation that Australia needs to receive as a nation. I sense that I am going deeper into the Father’s heart cf. Argentina airport, into the 3 fold holiness of God Isa 6 = Rev 4. “O holy, O Holy, O Holy One in me”.

Then the communication continued in relation to Union Church not hearing God’s Word….

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