The cross-connect website is a small attempt to facilitate God’s plan to disciple nations (Matt 28:18-20). We believe that in every city Christ has called and gifted men and women to bring the light of his presence into every dimension of life and culture. As a platform for facilitating connections and disseminating information, teaching articles, prophecy, poetry, prayers and so on, cross-connect aims to enhance and assist the efforts of the Body of Christ in Perth to fulfil his vision to reveal the glory of God in every sphere of life. We welcome contributions from across the Body of Christ which are Jesus-centred, Spirit-honouring and seek to serve the kingdom of God. This site has no denominational affiliation nor does it align itself with any particular Christian spirituality. Dialogue is appreciated and we seek suggestions for ongoing improvement.

Read the full Cross-Connect Vision, and explanation of the significance of the cross-connect image.